I Proposed To Him

Jide and I have been courting for sometime now and trust me, I've enjoyed every bit of it.
But, aside the lovey dovey we do, nothing else goes on. We share almost everything except our problems.
One day, it all got too much of a burden for me because while I started to put of attitudes, Jide was really worried and it affected us.
While in my moody moments, I decided to lock myself off from the world by not talking to anyone and being on my own.
I cried to God to help me let out myself to Jide since our relationship should also mean telling him all that is wrong with me and vice versa.
And God said; "Just like I want to hear every single thing that goes on with you, he wants to hear too. That is what Love means'.
As soon as I heard that, I called Jide and made sure we met that day and apologized for all the attitude I've put up promising to always let out and I proposed again;
Jide, will you be my best friend?

PS: After posting for here in a long time (not really?), I got deal…

I Cried In A Public Place.

I cried in a public place.
I know how shocked you might be about it but, yeah. Shit happens.
Crying for me has overtime being a way of expressing myself- happy, sad, in grief, anxious, etc. I pour them out by crying.
A lot of my friends tease me right from secondary school that I had too much tears in my eyes. Then, I thought I was prolly just immature and all that.
But lately, it has come too often and I feel I'm just like that by nature.
I remember many times I cried to many of my friends about one thing or the other and because they understand me, they never teased me about being childish, too serious about life, too emotional, etc. They took me like that with a hug and their cloth to clean my tears(I love this part. Lol). If you're my friend, and you've seen me cry, you mean a lot.
No, I don't feel weird anymore. Today was another day I cried.
I was meant to go somewhere to get some things and as I sat in the bus,  decided to confirm if I took everything I needed and alas…

Blue Feelings By Jemimah Okonkwo

Do you know that feeling,  The one in colour blue?  That very one that makes you wish you had What you wish you had?  I have plenty of those .
Sometimes accompanied with plenty tears Other times tearless but I have my head bowed, The bow of defeat  These feelings from the pit of hell. 
Nevertheless I won't let those stop me  Those blue feelings I won't wish I have what I wish I have  Not anymore!  I will ignore them, shove them off completely  And when I get what I want  People will be green with envy
Let the light fall on me  No more darkness , No more depression, No more wishing . I AM GOING TO HAVE IT. 
Dedicated to all who go through the abyss of these feelings each day. Let go of your worries, let go of your wishes, and leap into your dreams. You need no one to push you. You are strong enough. Go on and have it.
My name is Okonkwo Jemima Chineye. I'm presently a Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. I'm a freelancer and particular like to write poems and short stories. I love to ins…

Wordicted, Shot 2.

Hi! I am Joshie- Ef and this is the wordicted series. 'Wordicted' is coined from 'Word' and 'addicted' and so, like it is with every second cup of wine or dose of an injection, this is our second shot. I trust you to get high on this fresh one.

Valentine reminiscences. You feel like things can't better than this. It feels like bliss, a flow of amazing ease like Daddy Cupid gave you a kiss. Love,what a feeling! That rush of emotions,that extraordinary 'feel good' giddiness. I call it 'squishy squishy', yeah....What a day valentine is! So,its all over. Week long preparations towards a 24-hour thing have all paid off. The whole drama preceeding the day has wined down too. Now, ladies can return to their natural defensive position( Shakara reactivated). Men can pick the calls and reply the messages once again. If only we could stop taking this whole thing as men attacking and ladies defending, if only. We live to fight another day anyway. The day su…

What I Think Of Valentine

You've anticipated this for long, yeah? This is it!
Valentine they say is a season of love with families, friends, and lovers.
Others say we can celebrate love everyday so why pick a particular day to celebrate love?
I'm with the both of them.
Yeah, it's ceremonial because of the atmosphere that comes with it and also, we should celebrate love everyday.
I've been seeing posts on ladies and their quest for different gifts, from wigs to cakes to chocolate and I'm smiling 'cos I personally do not have a particular gift like that. I don't like being choosy, let's say.
My first valentine gift was a red wristwatch, pair of red earrings and a pink bag pack. My best friend gave me in 2014. Wow, yeah!
Last year's was the worst Valentine for me. I got a gift for a friend, he rejected it and then received a gift from someone else and called me to show me the gift.
Could we call that wickedness? 'Cos it seemed so to me.
You might be single and be hating on vale…

Interview With Olayode Juliana Also Know As 'Toyo-baby'

Host: Good evening. We're glad to have you here. Can you please share your story and all other things that we need to know about you and how life as treated you in the past years?

Toyobaby: A beautiful evening to everyone. I trust that we all had a good day. I am Olayode Juliana and I am delighted to be a part of this tonight. Thanks for having me. I was given a template,so I'll just stick to in order for the purpose of this session to be achieved and of course to maximize time. Growing up for me was dramatic and adventurous.  I had my fair share of ups and downs and I had fun here and there but looking back now I must say that I am grateful for every phase of growing up.
Host: How did it start for you? 
Toyobaby: I suppose that means how did acting start for me. I started acting from Junior church, I acted during CHILDREN ANNIVERSARY in church, then I was in DEBATING/DRAMA CLUB in secondary school. I became the president of the club before I graduated from secondary school and I got…

A New Meal I Invented!

You almost won't believe! I decided to try something really new and guess what! It worked out! I'm so, excited to share so, just read along!
On the 8th of February, 2018 , I decided to try something new which I later called; PLANTAIN PASTE!
Step 1: Get from the market a really soft or rather overripe plantain, your stew ingredients, and of course your oil for frying.
Step 2: Having made your stew, heat up your oil to start frying the plantain after you must have chopped out the plantain (even though it's soft!)
Step 3: As you're frying it, you mix and mesh with a cooking spoon until it becomes a paste.
Step 4: Once its done, serve! And serve it to form a mole (something that looks like Eba when served). Yeah!

Step 5: Add beside it, your already made stew.
VoilĂ ! Your meal is ready!
PS: You can enjoy it with your family, friends, lover or serve it for dinner. It's light!
PS 2: You'd enjoy it more with a chill drink beside it. Hmmm! Soft!
This food was prepared…