Sometimes in life, I have to take a “U” turn cos I’m subjected to God’s will as a person and a generation 
I saw him right beside me and then I saw a crowd shouting “no! No! No! ” and so I was wondering why they shouted with so much vigour and agility… I was sad and he was beside me scared too and then we went separate ways, the next thing was mummy asking for my husband, I began to ask myself questions like;So he was my missing rib? So people were against our Union? So he was sad about it?, 
“Good morning Jesus ” shouted mummy, in reality now, I woke up to find out it was all a dream, went to church, came back and slept till 3pm, I didn’t believe it until I checked the clock, life went well throughout the day, went to church in the evening, during the service a woman began to ask me questions like “haven’t you had a guy who tells you sweet words like :the sugar in my tea, Maggi in my soup, Cockroach in my cupboard, termite I’m my beans, the tension in my attention ” or someone who buys you recharge cards, goes crazy for you FALLS in love for you and things like that, my reply was “ I’m so much concerned about the driver of the vehicle of my life that I wouldn’t like someone to go crazy for me so I don’t go crazy in future or to FALL in love with me instead of rise through the journey”…. Now look…. Your lesson should be, let God take the lead in your life, let Him show you what your ordinary eyes can’t see, let him be at the Battle front for you, The only way you can do this is….. Surrender to him