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His love

I met him today again but this time it was his shadow!
I peeped sideways to look and found out he had been staring at meI felt cold
I shivered
He smiledI think I'm struck with love
I think He took my heart
I think His sight alone fills me
He confessed His love for me
It's a mighty one
He called me names every bride would want to hear
But mine was in a special way
He moved closer
This time I felt more comfortable
And I felt relieved too
He's not a suitor bit I can't resist Him
This love is unexplainable

My first Love

I remember when I first met HimHe caught me when I fell
I quickly stood up from His shoulders
I couldn't trust him
"He's up to something" I thought I struggled out
But He whispered in my ears
"Nothing is impossible with me, I'll give you eternal life, I'll wash you clean"
This time, I hissed loudly
I walked awayHe kept loving me
Oh what manner of love is this?!
I was angry already
But I wondered "why does he love me so? ",
" why should he send guards(Angels)? "
I was wondering
He came again this time
With a soft voice
" My princess, I love you, I died for you to be alive,
I died for you to be clean
I died for you to be saved
I was shocked! Which other man on earth can do all these?!
He loves me this much, I thought
So I thrust my hands into his
He held me and raised me usGave me a soothing hug
I felt the warm embrace of a Father and friend
I cried on his shoulders
I wondered why I didn't give him a chanc…

God still talks to people about this!

I have been in love with Matt for years.
While I was studying Mass Communication, he was the best student in the Department of Communication and Performing Arts of Bowen University, same institution as mine.
Epitome of Excellence, beauty and Godliness… #gbam
I felt tingling in my heart as he proposed to me last week over a meal at shoprite, RingRoad, Ibadan.
It was a shock, and stammering, I gave a confident ‘yes’
I woke up as early as 4am the following day and sitting up, I stared at the platinum ring he had proposed with the day before- if I don’t wear rings, I could as well admire it and smile happily.
I decided to have my morning devotion.
I knelt down, sang with great enthusiasm.
Then it was time for me to pray with a particular song that I sing everyday.
The lyrics:
Not what I wished to be,
Nor where I wished to go,
For who am I , that I should choose my way
The Lord shall choose for me Its better, that I kno…


I refuse to wallow in condemnation
I refuse to listen to accusing voices
I'm not looking backwards but forward
Love makes allowances for mistakes cos you get blinded
Genuine love overlooks a fault
Happiness doesn't depend on your circumstances
It's a choice you make
Remain happy
Don't let the view of others weigh you down
Why not ask for God's opinion?
Why not tell your senior partner (The Holy Spirit) about it?
Don't be weary,
Tell a trusted friend too
Jesus over everything!
God ruling vibrantly!
Surrender all!

Jesus! °°°

And so He held my hands
I was shivering
I was so cold
I felt a soft touch
A warm one at that
I smiled
I knew it was Him
Of course,
It had to be Him
Fairest of Ten thousands
The most wonderful person I ever met
I remember when He used to tell me He could give me all I ever wanted
I doubted,
I thought He was lying
He asked me to give Him a chance and so I did.
Guess what! I'm floating in the ocean of Love and Grace
He even sacrificed His son for me, Now I know how special I am to Him
He still gave me security saying "I will bear you up in my hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone"
Wonderful?! You can say that again!
... He made me warm, knowing fully well I have someone to keep me, I felt rest assured
It's my flavor of ‪#‎shufflinglifestyle‬


Come to think of it,
Most times we hear of "Women of virtues" "Women of dignity"
Have we ever thought about those who have lost their pride, their virginity, the trauma, the stigma life left on them due to one thing or the other??
Dear sisters,
Have you lost your dignity and stick to your mind to keep sticking to see as a way of compressing the burden of thought laid on you or to reduce or hide the falls on your past?
Let me tell you something!
Take that decision! Stop sex! Face God squarely! Let Him reshape your life! Let him wash you afresh!
With Jesus, you are new, forget your past, take up the new garment He's going to give you!
Don't feel intimidated, don't be weary, don't feel incomplete, Jesus loves you, God loves you!
I wish many people or ladies precisely can sincerely tell or speak on how they lost their virginity for others to learn, many were not at fault, rape, incest and the likes
Let me say this point…