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Scientific Maximum Shishi (SMS)

Public Exhibition of Justice or Wickedness in High Places?    Consequent upon the fact that my stand has been drawn to the view of this act, I want to conclude that Scientific Maximum Shishi is a Public Exhibition of Wickedness in high places.    Oh yes! You might be asking what that is, I will tell youSMS is an act of scaring and pulling an alleged offender and then parading that individual. Literally put, it is the use of corporal punishment as penalty for crimes-social vices such as larceny, rape, physical assault, et ceteria.    In my view and understanding of the effects of this corporal punishment, I would state some out of many of the reflection of how wicked this act could be.
   The SMS as a corporal punishment would by any means be a flow of injustice because the same punishment an alleged theif(not even a murderer) gets will be the same as a rapist, this is far from justice. This has raised concern. That is to say that the punishment is not given or executed persay to the vi…


I turned sideways in the drizzle
One cold evening,
I left my hand at a 40° acute angle,
Up to my waistI looked to the sky,
I felt blind, I didn't see the good things of life.
Instead I was busy with the not good ones
What has life got to offer?
Nothing. Awesomely nothing.
I wish I could drop my bags
And scream out loud Make a sigh of relief,
Walk to my room.

Laying Through

I looked outside,
Through the window of my room
Tried to describe life,
I saw life like a tightly covered bottle
With a man inside and a need to open that bottle! I saw myself with a shell,
A shell I needed to break and come off the pretence
Tears rolled down my dreaded face,
"This is not me! This is not me! "
Unfortunately, there was no one to listen to meHe was there, My Father was there,
If He wasn't, my steps would've been irretraceable,
I'd have been left alone
With my piece of bitter cake to share alone.

The Race

The raceI was in a deep thought of what I knew.
Of course it was in no time!
I went through with my hands backwards my head,
Making usual turns on my cozy bed! Why has life treated me this way?
Why has my journey being so unfair? Then I stopped to wonder,
It was my time to run my race.

What I have: Love

How Lack Love affects the Church today.

First, I'd like to apologize for the names I'd be using here. It's Noone in particular.

Let's go... Let's see how much the church is dying because of lack of Love.

Brother Sule and Brother Fakunle were sitted together. B Sule forgot his Bible at home and brother Fakunle thought "me I can't share my bible with this brother oo, he stinks a lot of and it affects my nostrils". Ah! Why can't you call him aside since all these days and tell him of a roll on you know?! If your neighbor has mouth or body odor, what stops you from helping out? Now bro Sule feels rejected.

Sister Adeola came to church without her headcover and the whole church uses their eyes to follow her to her seat like she took their sweets, wait! Will your eyes correct her?! After then Sister Adeola did not come to church again. Is the church growing?!

Sister Bamise and sister Folake were in the bus together, now they greeted and as they were abo…

The Ultimate

I write this with tear drops in my heart.

Love. Though four letter words means a whole lot. Dunno how to start but by God's leading, we'll get to what I want us to get from this.

Love is NOT a whole lot of things and also love IS a whole lot of things.

The Bible says a lot about Love but I'd mention a few in the course of my writing this.

Love is genuine. You shouldn't live because you want to feel good or because you just think it should be like that. Love from your heart. Love with the consciousness of God being love.
Love is not proud. You haven't heard from me for a while now and you're like "wohs, she has to call me first oo, I can't be the one calling all the time", now that's not Love. Love openly, love people and care for them. It goes a long way. If I don't call you and you don't call, whoever gets hurt is our fault. If I don't call or ask after you, it doesn't mean you shouldn't, you obviously dunno what's goi…

Our Love Story 2

Along we went,
She found a grocery store,
Left my behold.
I begged this time, be she left. I waited, of course I did,
But she came out and went with her friends,
She kept me waiting,
I waited. She left them soon,
So bad, she didn't come to me,
She left, I still waited,
Hoping for her return. I heard a loud cry!
I knew she was the one!
Her friends left her
The groceries spoiltAll her frivolity seemed lost,
"oooowh!!! " She cried louder,
I couldn't watch her like that,
I went up to her. " Why do you love me so?",
" I don't deserve your love!",
"Are you gon' accept me again? ",
We're thoughts I read on her face. I approached her, she looked away,
In shame I guess
I whispered those same words,
"I'm always here for you"I raised her up, washed her,
She was losing breath,
Almost dying,
Put in her my life once again, Our love journey continuedSpeaking the mind of Christ
Our love story
The SonsBrid…

Life's logic

Hello people! Today I had a conversation with a man on Facebook and so he concluded that I'm a lawyer. At the end of the discussion he asked for my chambers ๐Ÿ˜ข. I told him and corrected that I'm not a lawyer but a student of Law in OAU. He even applauded that.
He now asked for my level๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ˜ฆ. Immediately I said part one, he just said "Mo darrrrraaaaan". Guess what??. The man is a manager in an engineering company๐Ÿ˜. He actually submitted to my view during the course of our discussion ๐Ÿ˜’. Now I'm sure he feels I'm a small girl ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ญ. I think I'm glad sef
I learnt a great lesson. The way you portray yourself actually gives you a better place and reckoning with other people. It describes more of you. You're addressed the way you place yourself. That's life logic.๐Ÿ‘Œ

Our Love Story

I walked up to her
Thinking that was all
She gave me her heart cry and I so thought I was in for it
I walked away She ran back and said "I'm sorry"
I expected it, I walked faster leaving her on her knees
She crawled afterThis time I held her up
Cleaned her up and made her bright again
She was forgiven!
She smiledThen we continued in our journey of love. #SpealingTheHeartOfChrist