I write this with tear drops in my heart.

Love. Though four letter words means a whole lot. Dunno how to start but by God's leading, we'll get to what I want us to get from this.

Love is NOT a whole lot of things and also love IS a whole lot of things.

The Bible says a lot about Love but I'd mention a few in the course of my writing this.

Love is genuine. You shouldn't live because you want to feel good or because you just think it should be like that. Love from your heart. Love with the consciousness of God being love.
Love is not proud. You haven't heard from me for a while now and you're like "wohs, she has to call me first oo, I can't be the one calling all the time", now that's not Love. Love openly, love people and care for them. It goes a long way. If I don't call you and you don't call, whoever gets hurt is our fault. If I don't call or ask after you, it doesn't mean you shouldn't, you obviously dunno what's going on with me and you virtually don't seem to care, that's not Love.

Love is Holy. Yes! I love this part. If your friend or fiance is telling you to give him or her see to show you love, please tell that person Love is beyond that! It goes a long way. Love is a thing of the heart and sex at a stage where you're not married is absolutely nothing but pleasure minus love!

Love is beyond the text and calls you send or make
Love is beyond the gifts I get on Valentine, birthday, Christmas or what have you.
Love is beyond the romance and all
Love is beyond greeting me every morning
Love is beyond knowing I exist
Love is beyond laughing together all the time
Love is beyond the chocolates and cripsies I get from mum and dad.
You'd be asking, what then is Love?

Love is knowing that I exist and then showing that you even care that I do.
Love is taking others higher than yourself
Love is knowing how I feel and giving a helping hand
Love is knowing that I need someone to cry or laugh with
Love is doing NOT whatever displeased your neighbors
Love is true and honest
Love NEVER dies
Love is trustworthy

All the time Jesus was on earth He loved indiscriminately
Above all,
Love is God!

Live, laugh and Love