I would have gone on a suicide my mission in my senior school days when the world seemed like I was a mere plus one personality

I never for once saw a reason for my being. My thoughts were suicidal. God knew I felt like getting off the hook and halting "useless life"

But then, I met Jesus.
The best thing that ever happened to me it still remains.
He showed me the best love ever
I got to realize how much I was needed in life and how much responsibility awaits me.

He brought me out of the mud of shame and reproach
He took me into light
I felt refreshed.

He made me come to a realization of how the world lacked without my impact.
He shredded off my thoughts of pains and shame.

I rose up once again
Back to my feet
Having in mind that I'm a great person with wonderful potentials
A woman of strength and virtues
A great Indigene of the Kingdom
A powerful bride of Christ.

Do you feel as dejected as I felt?
Do you feel like the world without you is complete?
Do you also feel like pressing the "stop button" of your life?
Just stop there!

You don't own your life. No you don't.
The world needs you.
You are a great person.
Meet my wonderful Friend and Saviour, Jesus. He'll tell you more!

    With Love,