It would be awkward to pass through a thick challenge and not think of suicide, I mean, it's very common.

Have you ever felt like the world was gonna crumble at your feet?
Or you felt like life wasn't work living?
You even forsook your friends and families in your own cozy bed with your thoughts?
Did you ever look forward to having that one person you could say the "minutest" thing to?
Or you just worked a whole day and Noone even cared to know how your day went

You even got so failed even after your efforts you placed on that thing, it didn't work out.

I understand your life to you is like a shattered broken China plate, it can never be arranged.

I understand you once went to a chemist to get plenty of drugs and take to end your "miserable life".

You even tried taking in chemicals.

You've thought and thought and thought again but saw nothing reasonable in life.

You get Sad every now and then
You feel your life is worthless
You don't see the good side of life
You feel like ending your life
Committing suicide.

I know you can hear my voice in your heart
I know I'm talking to you over there

Suicide won't do anything to help
It would only destroy that great potential inside of you.

Never give up
Keep trying
Pray and pray
God is listening
Cry out loud
Tell him of his promises
Believe in him
He would do it

Now walk majestically
You have a great father
He's doing a great job
He's still working on you
You are a great person
God lives in you
Accept Him
He's ever ready to help

    With love,