Overtime, my attention has been drawn to the incessant moral and religious decadence in the community today and I have come to a conclusion that these things have emanated one way or the others from predecessors. All the time or most times I hear parents or adults say “children of these days are ill mannered” but have we asked ourselves the cause?
If and only if, we looked at how well, good, bad and ugly our leaders have led us, then, truth be told, we follow the tracks they have laid down.
I remember my primary 1 teacher as old as she was thought me then how loving a mother could be. I went away from using my biological mum because you reaction could be “shebi it’s because she’s your mum”. Up till date my greatest wish is to be a mentor and leader to as many people as possible not considering the age, race, size or preference. Even as a young girl, I have perfectly learnt how to accommodate people, impact lives and right wrong. I have learnt the greatest way to bringing people to Christ is showing them who He really is-LOVE.
Christ can not only be taught in the church but as relations from our religious leaders.
These same people have decided to be wolves in sheep clothing.
My attention is strictly driven to the church. This is because I grew up in the church and I seriously understand what it means to have the kind of elders I had then. Now, what do we see? Leaders who derive joy in coming to church in beautiful regalia forgetting the total aim in church is to raise values in young ones.
Little wonder, our today youths have stopped looking into their bibles, instead they prefer to look at how their General overseer does it or how their Teenage teacher does it!
Our leaders today come to church with their head gear tightly covered with fear of “If it falls off everyone will see what is inside” and teach the doctrines of Christ with all diligence, but then you see them on Facebook and Instagram with what they have told us not to use. Your part in hell will probably be the hottest.
They come to church and teach us “Go for evangelism! It’s our mission from God” meanwhile they stay at home all the week waiting for another Sunday to come so they’ll preach to us with their soiled garments.
Presidents! Executives! Workers in the vineyard! Can we stop the pretence? You are not deceiving anyone. We are all guilty!

Your bible is so heavy, It contains three different versions, you roommates even call you ‘pastor’ or ‘mummy G.O’, Oh please! God knows you not!
Many a time, I think of making a change but I get this feeling of “if our leaders don’t show good examples, who then will they take steps from”
The first time I heard of a discipleship class, the first thing that came through my mind was doubt. I first thought, is there really anyone we could call a disciple? Is there really anyone who could hold the staff and lead as a shepherd? Is there really anyone Christians could look up to?
At a point in my life, looking at the situation of the world, I thought of withdrawing from denominations but when God opened my eyes to certain things, I followed my bible squarely. Up till now, you can’t come to me with false doctrines, right away, I would detect.
Until I found a place in my heart for Jesus to sit, I was living an assumed Christian life. I hope you take that decision today. Stop giving people wrong impressions about who you really are.
You could be a Church or fellowship president and still be wallowing in lust or a choir member with the best voice and still be swimming in bitterness for everyone around you
Why not stop the pretence?
I know how hard it could be, but should I tell you that, God’s not dead.
Let’s stop shouting revival if it can’t start from us. Let’s stop preaching revival if our lives is not a photocopy or sketch of how revival should be.
I can remember a friend telling me, after she saw a group of girls coming from a night party, that we should pray for revival, after we talked, in no time I saw her raining abuses on her roommate who just spurred little of her anger. Now tell me who needs revival the more?
I remember the story of a man who prophesied throughout the service, of how God wanted revival in the church and how the whole church was moved to tears and how many people got saved. After the service this man had a brawl with the conductor and was exchanging words with him. Please which revival are we talking about?
Lord! Let revival start from me!