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Who Is Islamizing Who?

Do i need to say no to your preaching before you understand? In this article, i settle to be as blunt as possible. These days, Christians have found a better excuse not to do evangelism.
We have to critically and unscandalously look at it.
The issue of islamization has given many an edge to keep shouting revival when you as an individual hasn't tasted half of God's  revival power!
Please sit down and have a rethink of what your hypocrisy could lead you to! If in a week you have not a single soul who got saved under your ministration (this could be in any form). Later you'll hear the shout islamization?! Please lets hear word jare!
Christians have found a good excuse and its this same "Islami ..."
Can we for once stop practicing religion and face the spirituality in its deep sense. If you dont bring people to God, They will go the other way, do we then call that islamization? Of course not!
Even the muslims dont do evangelism, so where's the islamization?!

Is this how best life could end?

There could have been a better way,
A better way of bidding goodbye.
You didn't need to stay far to get out of the basket,
All you needed do was to just jump out.
You wouldn't have turned me out to the river,
I would have dived in myself.
You also didnt need to act too much on what you thought,
Rather you could have just acted once.
I understand you need to go,
I understand i need to go too.
We ain't made for this,
We never planned this,
A fruitful journey ended.
I remember how well we used to be,
When laughter crossed my face thinking of those times.
I remember the blows we shared,
The tears and smile we shared too.
I remember how our plans moved on,
The future and present we never forgot.
I remember we were two kids messed up in a hole of mud,
The happiness we found was not a minute not.
Now is the time, the time when we no longer had time.
Our space ate up time and time bred seperation
I need to go. Goodbye.---This poem is dedicated to "Friends who left without a …