Aremo Olalekan Tobi! Here's what Oluwasikemi Esther has to say to you!

Words fall me anytime I try writing about
You have been a blessing to my life,
You changed me,
You made me a better me,
Sometimes I just wish you were my blood brother, so I can just walk up to you anytime I want😌😌
I won't be writing much because am short of words
Blessed Are thou among men
You inspire me,
Sometimes I just wonder why God didn't make me closer to him like you,but I discovered you made it happen...
You made me know who God really is,
Your presence makes me happy.
I wished I met you earlier than this,
I knew you just months ago and have learnt what I would have learnt in 8 years.
I dnt just know how to appreciate you.
AREMO,I am priding in you
You is a good child😘😘😘😘
I promised to make yu proud
I really love you
Keep shinning in the lord

Thanks for being a great icon!