Feeling very devastated, helpless and burdened. He was God-sent at that time of my life. He is just a manifestation of Gods promise to watch over me.
He corrects lovingly. I call him my Spirit - Father. He is an icon. My great mentor. I give glory to God that he yielded to Gods call and came to help. What if he didn't do anything to the voice of God? He's a Father indeed. Experienced and very spiritual.
He introduced me to this new way of life. Being dependent on Holy Spirit. He experienced some things way back so as for me to receive help when i come in contact with such. He's always full of solutions through the Holy spirit. 
Hes always in touch. I am very grateful for meeting this rare gem. Like he will always ask me to thank God, i really appreciate God-Father for making me to meet with this General - Elkanah Ayodeji