Barrister Victor Olaoluwa Adebola
30 November, 2016.
Dear sir,

I want to use this medium to appreciate everything you've done for me this year, it's wonderful knowing you, and you've really been a blessing to me.
    I've done this before in my farewell message, but I will be doing it here again. You've added value to my life in so many areas, both spiritually, academically, and many areas, am so grateful for everything!
  You've helped my spiritual life, teaching me the word of God, helping me to know the importance of bible study, you've also helped me become a better prayer warrior, I now know the importance of praying in the spirit, and hearing from God as well, my spiritual life has grown because of you, thanks sir!
    I've improved academically as well, even when my academics was poor(I remember how I was crying that day), you encouraged me, and helped me to improve, you always advised me to read, read, and never stop reading, and now my academics have improved and is  still improving. Am grateful sir!
I also appreciate all your scolding and challenges, they are nothing but an act of love to make me a better person, even when I made up my mind to stop coming to you for help, but I still find myself coming to you again, those challenges are really making me a better person.
Sometimes when I feel you are tired of my issue, you always reassure me that you can never be tired of my issue, you always let me know you were born to solve people's problem.

I also want to appreciate your openness and being free with me, always ready to attend to me, you are that one person I can discuss anything with.
You are also understanding, most times when I come late for meeting or offend you, and I apologise and explain myself to you, you forgive easily although sometimes you will complain very well, and make somebody angry sef......Thanks all thesame!

  One thing, I must not fail to appreciate is the person you are!
The simple and jovial person you are, bringing yourself low to our level, ( myself and others) and gisting and joking with us like we are Mates, you are that uncle I can freely talk to, joke with, disturb and yab sometimes, yet you never get angry! Thanks sir!

It's just a year of knowing you,and it seems I have known you forever, it has been moments of growth, knowledge, prayers, bible study  and never a moment of regret. I look forward to entering next year with you as my mentor and with more growth, knowledge, prayers, bible study and interactions, even though you are far away.

One last thing I must not forget to appreciate is your farewall/parting message, it something that keeps me going, when I feel reluctant to move on, and I know by God's help, I will attain that Glorious Height.

I really can't stop saying thanks, it's something I will keep on saying over and over again. Thanks alot sir, am really grateful!
God bless you sir!

Please permit me to form Acrostic with your name, it's simple though, but accept it please....

Victor is his name
Intellect, an attribute he possess, he
Cares for the success of others
Teaching is his hobby, that's
One of the things he loves doing, he also
Reach out to others with the message of CHRIST.

      Thanks sir for everything! I can say it all, but I really appreciate all...

Your mentee and spiritual daughter..

Thanks Barrister, for being a great person to Victoria. Dellasdiary appreciates you.