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Ever felt this way?

    One sunny morning you jump up from bed and it’s him first?
    You playing a game with peeps to mention names and it’s him first?
    You haven’t even prayed yet and you called him already?

    You are about to read a book and instead of seeing “Ola Rotimi” you’re seeing his name?
    You wanna visit someone and it’s him first?
    Oh spare me the daydreams and wake up! That guy is somewhere having fun or probably reading his books while all you do it all that?! No no no, seriously wake up!

    It’s not easy? Oh I know it’s not but can’t you see he’s not even paying you attention?
    He doesn’t even recognizes you exist, and if he does, HE SIMPLY DOESN’T HAVE YOUR TIME, so wake up girl!
    What am I driving at?

    Ladies are fond of holding relationships so close that they even describe it like “my heart melts when
    I see him” oh seriously?
    You know what that leads to? DISSAPPOINTMENT, DISATISFACTION, UNACHIEVEMENT, LUKEWARMNESS AND HEARTBREAK, eeyah , I sympathize with you but I’m sorry if I’m blunt oo but as a sis, THE TRUTH IS BITTER.

    Why not just be the strong woman God wants you to be and wait for the right man at the right time?
    Why must these small brothers taste you before you get to that Mr right?
    Why should you have set with him if you’re not a prostitute or a commercial girl?
    Why why why, you might say I’m infringing on your relationship rights, oh sorry but have you tried asking God his say about this? I’m not trying to be religious here, I just want us to face facts! Ladies!


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