Teenagers and youths I’m sorry to disturb you but we need to talk again.

Some months ago, a man, family man with four children, walked up to me having no one to talk to and felt I was in the best position to listen to him. I was wondering what the problem could be but I took chill first, and he went thus:
“My first daughter in part three is the problem I’m facing in life, recently she shouts at me on every instruction I give her, she doesn’t follow my orders anymore, she doesn’t show me her results, recently I told her to swith off the TV and the next thing she did was to throw the remote control on me(with a sad look), the worst thing is, her mom is her back bone.

 I tried talking to her once but she started shouting at me her father again with words that struck my heart ‘when I grow up I won’t even take care of you this man!’ I looked at her and I was shocked, standing and listening to my future on the present, how hurt I felt, I pay over 200k for her education every session and still I get this”

He was almost crying, and as the little girl I am the only thing I could do was to pray for him.

Now, this is my point, you are a graduate doesn’t make you an alien, it doesn’t mean you can’t sweep the house or do the dishes, many don’t even respect their parents because they have the ‘level Don change’ mindset. Let me remind you, what you sow you’ll reap ! You can’t sow dishonor and reap honour as you lay your bed so you lie on it

As regards the story of that man, don’t you think the girl is cursed even without the man laying a curse?

The Bible admonishes we honour them to live long
You know what?  I don’t only honour my parents for the benefit, I also honour them because they deserve it.