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Best Said

Best Said April 19, 2016Edit Someone wrote this and you will like it. I welcome your comments. Happy reading. Is there any benefit in male virginity? Sir, I have a question to ask you about male virginity. I have observed that female virginity is accorded more attention or better put, more importance than that of males. We have heard countless reasons why a female must maintain and keep her virginity. Now my question is, what does a boy, man, or guy benefit from being chaste? Would your wife appreciate it when you finally tie the knot? Needless to say I am one of them. Thanks. My RESPONSE: Male virginity, I love this. I was a twenty-seven-year-old virgin when I got married. My wife was also a virgin. Does virginity, whether male or female, accord benefits? Yes. Let me share one. On my wedding night, I had sex for the first time. It was November 4, 2000. That night, I had nothing to compare the experience with. I couldn’t say it was better than sex with Ngozi, or the same as sex wi…

My Experience

And so I almost got duped sometime ago… Grrr grrr grrr…. Rang my phone It was a PRIVATE NUMBER I received it and the conversation went thus; Impostor:Ahh sister good evening, how are you? Della :I’m fine sir, who is this sir? Impostor: Ahnahn you didn’t store my number?? (Laughs…) It’s pastor oo Della:Sir, I’m sorry but when you called it showed PRIVATE NUMBER Impostor:I think it’s the network, where are you? Della : Okay sir, I’m at my mom’s shop but I’m On my way out Impostor :the problem now is, we just hit an Okada rider who was badly injured and so it involved the police Della: (as the nice girl she always is) ahh sir, is it at the front of the church? Impostor:No oo, close to the church… All we need do is bribe the policemen don’t worry, just look around you and find where they sell card Della :I don’t think so sir but I have to move forward Impostor : Okay when you get there tell them to give you card of 1500# or 750# and scratch it and call the number Della: ( thinking :co…

My Love For Beans!

I'm Della, and I love beans. I love beans so much that it's apparently my best meal. I even prefer beans to fried rice sef. I could eat beans morning, afternoon and night. Like I said, it's my best meal. I know beans takes quite a long time to get done, but I can wait, it's still my best meal. But there's something surprising. When I eat beans, I purge. I mean, my stomach starts to give funny reactions. I could suffer my digestion of beans for 48hrs but believe me, I still love beans. That's how strong my love for beans is. What's my point? This is how itchy we could be to God. We cost him so much and he still doesn't give up. How amazing! We ask him for whatever we want and He gives us but then we sly him, we come begging with heads bowed and he understands us! He receives us in our stained garment. That's the serious purging we make God pass through when we sin. He watches over us in the morning and at night that he doesn't have…

My first post in 2017!

I went across the orchard one hot morning, With so much despair and sadness. My grief a man cannot imagine But went on through only heart could describe. Am I made to suffer, Can I breathe a little longer? Can you show me how long I can go Behold! I met pumpkins like myself. Friends are quiet angels Who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble Remembering how to fly. It's a season of love But everyday my heart draws closer to you. The love I have for you can be compared to a mother and her Offspring. I love you. I mean it. Dedicated to those who've been true friends and those who pretended (Idc!) ❤ This is my first post this year! I decided yo start on the note of love. Thanks for reading!