Best Said April 19, 2016Edit Someone wrote this and you will like it. I welcome your comments. Happy reading. Is there any benefit in male virginity? Sir, I have a question to ask you about male virginity. I have observed that female virginity is accorded more attention or better put, more importance than that of males. We have heard countless reasons why a female must maintain and keep her virginity. Now my question is, what does a boy, man, or guy benefit from being chaste? Would your wife appreciate it when you finally tie the knot? Needless to say I am one of them. Thanks. My RESPONSE: Male virginity, I love this. I was a twenty-seven-year-old virgin when I got married. My wife was also a virgin. Does virginity, whether male or female, accord benefits? Yes. Let me share one. On my wedding night, I had sex for the first time. It was November 4, 2000. That night, I had nothing to compare the experience with. I couldn’t say it was better than sex with Ngozi, or the same as sex with Ruth, or any other lady in the world. No conflict existed in my mind. My wife couldn’t compare me with some dude or playboy. That night with Tonye, my one and only wife, was great sex not better sex and I didn’t have to compare our sex life with various pornography styles. This is the beauty of virginity––a clean heart and a clean mind. We are having even better sex after fifteen years of practise with one another and our bed, by God’s grace, remains undefiled. ( Yes! Fifteen years anniversary celebration is a few days time!!!) My brother, There was no intruder into our temples before we consummated our marriage, and there has been none ever since. Like Adam and Eve, we have been naked and not ashamed. This does not mean I didn’t have my struggles with sex. I got born again at sixteen, attended university of Benin, was a leader on campus, and I had my fair share of exposures to very fine babes (in and out of church fellowships). I had narrow escapes and was only saved by grace and mercies of God. I struggled with masturbation, until Christ gave me victory. I battled with lust and thoughts of evil. I confronted fatal attractions and sometimes, I lost some battles. Nevertheless, Christ gave me victory. He taught me the principles of sexual purity. I learnt the path and the power of God. Above all, I learnt, “NEVER TEMPT TEMPTATION.” But hear me, If guys are supposed to be sex experts on their wedding nights, who would they have practised with? If ladies are supposed to be virgins on their wedding nights, who gave practice sessions to the guys? If guys seek to marry only virgins, who will marry the ladies they had practised with earlier? The answers to these questions should guide the way we relate with each other. Therefore, young guy, please do not leave virginity to the ladies alone. Please, defend and keep your virginity. Today, I give you a charge. Rise up to be a true man. Defend “our little” sister around you. Don’t take advantage of her. If she seduces you, be a Joseph. If she bathes naked, tell her your name is not David. If she allures you like Delilah, tell her that a greater than Samson lives in you. My friend, no more excuses. Our ladies are tired of broken men with empty trousers! Thanks for sharing. Tag your friends on this post, and help spread this word. @tekenaikoko President/CEO, Single But Not Stupid awareness campaign