And so I almost got duped sometime ago… Grrr grrr grrr…. Rang my phone It was a PRIVATE NUMBER I received it and the conversation went thus; Impostor:Ahh sister good evening, how are you? Della :I’m fine sir, who is this sir? Impostor: Ahnahn you didn’t store my number?? (Laughs…) It’s pastor oo Della:Sir, I’m sorry but when you called it showed PRIVATE NUMBER Impostor:I think it’s the network, where are you? Della : Okay sir, I’m at my mom’s shop but I’m On my way out Impostor :the problem now is, we just hit an Okada rider who was badly injured and so it involved the police Della: (as the nice girl she always is) ahh sir, is it at the front of the church? Impostor:No oo, close to the church… All we need do is bribe the policemen don’t worry, just look around you and find where they sell card Della :I don’t think so sir but I have to move forward Impostor : Okay when you get there tell them to give you card of 1500# or 750# and scratch it and call the number Della: ( thinking :could a pastor think of bribing, it’s bad and a sin too, well, since I have exactly 1500# lemme buy it but I’ll collect it in church on Tuesday, but I have to know the pastor) Okay sir, but what is your name sir Impostor :ahnahn, have I ever called you for something like this before?? (shouting seriously) Della :sorry sir but I need to know your name to collect my money back(suspiciously) Impostor :ah *cuts the call* This guy would have succeeded if not for God’s intervention, let’s beware for PRIVATE NUMBERS…. and let’s be nice with God taking the lead in your heart STOP FRAUD I’m glad I’m saved! What about you?? Good evening.