I'm Della, and I love beans. I love beans so much that it's apparently my best meal. I even prefer beans to fried rice sef. I could eat beans morning, afternoon and night. Like I said, it's my best meal. I know beans takes quite a long time to get done, but I can wait, it's still my best meal. But there's something surprising. When I eat beans, I purge. I mean, my stomach starts to give funny reactions. I could suffer my digestion of beans for 48hrs but believe me, I still love beans. That's how strong my love for beans is. What's my point? This is how itchy we could be to God. We cost him so much and he still doesn't give up. How amazing! We ask him for whatever we want and He gives us but then we sly him, we come begging with heads bowed and he understands us! He receives us in our stained garment. That's the serious purging we make God pass through when we sin. He watches over us in the morning and at night that he doesn't have time to eat, he guides us and protects us, he gives us all we could ever ask for but then, we still fall into that mud! I can imagine the pain it gives God but HE STILL LOVES US! Sometimes I feel like making beans know how much I love it and convince it to stop upsetting my system but then, I can't. But this is God, showing how much He loves us but we still prick him. We still make him uncomfortable. He loves you He spared his son for you. I love beans And I'm sparing my comfort for it. 😊 Della❤