While I was very young, in my primary to secondary school days, taking Garri in my home was a serious offence, you'd receive serious lashing from dad particularly. One unfortunate day for me, I went to the balcony to hide with cup filled with Garri and spoon. I got water to mix and I didn't like sugar so it was absent. I was taking it when I felt a shadow above me. Alas! It was dad! As I turned, I received serious beating from him. I regretted knowing Garri in my very life. That day remains unforgettable. But I have learned. I have learned that, in all we do to God even in our secret places gets to him faster than we think. God is everywhere. What you're doing in the dark, He sees. Why not drop your 'wickedness', those sins in high veracity? They'd lead you nowhere. God is ready to bring you out of that hiding place, to the place of glory in the open. I'm older but I won't go against my dad's will, he's like unto me, my god on earth. Follow God. It pays.