Hey there! How was your day? Well, mine went well, ate my best food today! You remember it? (check my previous posts to find out if you don't 😝) Today! I'll be starting a series on "My gists!". We'll get to know significant things that happened during the week to me. I'm excited! Do well to drop on the comment box your opinion on all my gists! Thanks for stopping by! Back to business! On Sunday , I met this guy online and we ran well along. I got so interested when I noticed his fervent love for God.(You really cannot imagine how much I love people who love God!) Well, we gifted all day, through the next day we never ran out of gists. We talked about school, life, us and guess what! He's an entrepreneur too! (That made me smile gan, I really love people who are skillful too!). Kola and Seun were with me at the resource center in my faculty and they knew about this guy too. They quite predicted he was gon' ask for my picture (surprised? Yeah, I don't like people asking for my pictures, especially when it's a male stranger), they both knew it was something I didn't like. Alas! He asked me. I was disappointed cos I vouched already that he wasn't going to ask. I expected him to be well behaved jare. Sha I told him 'No'. I'm glad he understood. Well, that's all that happened! See you tomorrow! :)