There was a certain day daddy came to see me in school and when I went to meet him, all through the while I crossed the road to meet him, he looked at me wondering what made me walk uncomfortably. "What's wrong with your legs? The shoe is not your size?" He asked. That Sunday, I wore one shoe like that, throughout service, I tried to swallow up the pains and Noone noticed until I got to dad. "Errm... It's not my size directly, it just goes with my cloth color" I replied. 

This is the gist! Most times we pass through very terrible situations and we just smile and live life like all is well knowing even fully where our shoe itches us. We feel serious pains and we try to hide it. We're depressed but then we cover it by going for different functions and events. Let me shock you! 

God, your father, knows about it. He knows your pains, problems, depression, feelings, He sees everything. He knows what goes on with you. Why not talk to him about it? Why not lean on him? He listens. Forget your sins. He'd wash you clean. 

God's love is incomparable. My dad's love is incomparable. I hope this reaches your heart. I love you.