Speaker Beulah's message in Abeokuta at Abstinence Till Marriage(ATM) ministry's live program on the 22nd of April, 2017.

Christianity is not 'doing good and not doing evil', else there is no difference between Christianity and other religion;every religion promotes morality. What then is Christianity?

There were two trees that the bible mentioned in the garden of Eden; 'the tree of knowledge of good and evil', and 'the tree of life'. 

A believer that is always promoting 'do good and don't do evil' is still eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Thank God for Jesus,He said 'I have come that you may have life'. God wants us to eat from the tree of life, that was why He sent Jesus,representing 'the tree of life'. We should come to a place where we no longer ask the question of 'Is it right or wrong', 'good or evil', rather,we should come to a place whereby we ask if it is 'Life or Death'.

Doing the good and avoiding the evil is religiosity. Christianity is deeper than 
knowing what is good from evil,it is knowing what is life and what is death.
For example,sometimes, it is life for you to borrow money, sometimes it is death to borrow. At times to do something that is right maybe death;you won't just feel comfortable doing it.
How did you choose the church you are attending? it is because you always have fullness of life on your inside.
You can sense what is life and death by the peace on your inside(Colosians 3:15).
So we don't live by what we see,we are spirit beings;we live by faith.

Knowing that,you should be able to discern whether to go to that sister's house or not;Check your heart,do you feel peace there or you are not feeling comfortable.

That is why I don't preach 'do this,do that,don't do this,don't do that' ,let your heart tells you that because doing the right thing to you may be death.So if you are not comfortable visiting that sister that is sick,please don't go.

Establishing that,I want you to know that at salvation,it was your spirit that got born again. Man is a tri-patal being;spirit,soul and body. Definitely if it wasn't your soul that got born again,that you are born again doesn't mean that you won't get angry again.
'Never conclude that a man is not born again because of his act'. 
The reason why you still have addictions is not because you are not born again, its just because you still have a soul that is yet to be renewed by the word of God.

(Romans 12:2)
Allow your mind to be renewed by the word of God.

Your behaviour towards a person is determined by your attitude towards the person. If you have a wrong notion about a person,you won't be able to help yourself than to keep acting somehow towards the person. On the other hand, if you like a person,your behaviour towards the person will always be a good one.

The reason why so many of us didn't like a particular subject is because we never liked the lecturer or teacher that taught us.

Definitely, if you have a wrong notion about God,whether consciously or unconsciously you won't embrace the fact that God loves you. In a moment,I will be presenting two sides of God to you,and I want you to choose the side you want to embrace as it influence how as from today you will begin to relate with God. 
The first time God would introduce Himself by Himself when Moses asked him,what should he tell pharaoh when they ask him, 'who sent you?' (Exodus 3:13-14),what did God say?
'I AM THAT I AM',what does that mean? Does God not understand English!
God literarily mean 'I am what you say I am'. If you take me as your healer, I will heal you,if you take me as your father,so I will be to you,if you take me as your protector,I will always be there to protect you...

That is why today, you see believers who know God as a healer and don't know Him as the one who can prosper them, being healthy but poor.
 Therefore, I will be presenting God to you as 'I am a holy God' and 'I am a loving father' and then afterwards you will embrace what you want God to be to you.

(Luke 5: 1-10)
See Peter's first encounter with Jesus. When you start from verse one,they were fishing, and caught nothing all night and a carpenter from nowhere came afterwards and told them to cast their net into the deep (I believe you know the story). 

Without doubts,God is a holy God. He is thrice holy. The most holy angels call him 'Holy,holy,holy.
Throughout the bible,When an angel appears to a person,the first reaction is 'Depart from me',why? man is the natural is conscious of God's holiness. And that is why angels are always first saying to anyone they appear to 'Fear not'. 
That is why the pharisees doesn't like the fact that Jesus made God so accessible,because God is a holy God.

Luke 5:8  When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.
 The Bible made us to understand that when Peter saw the miracle,he by intuition know that a supreme being was standing in front of him,BUT, he was conscious of God's Holiness,that made him to say in verse 8,
'Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.' 
In other words,being conscious of the holy part of God will make you to keep seeing how sinful you are. it points you to your helplessness,and it will keep rubbing you of enjoying God's presence because you can't see the 'sinful' you on the same level with the holy God.(Isiah 6:5)

But understand that God doesn't just want us to be conscious of his holiness,else there wouldn't be a necessity for a new testament. In other words,you don't need to teach a man about God's holiness,the natural or default man is conscious of God's Holiness. That was why Peter without anyone preaching to him was telling telling Jesus to depart form him. He was conscious of God's holiness. Rather, God wants us to teach people about his love. 

God is a loving father,before he became our father, he became our God so that we can appreciate how much he loved us by making us his children.(1John 3:1).

Permit me to show you the second encounter of Peter with Jesus. it was the same venue with the same occurrence but this time, Peter has experienced God's lobe for him.
Before I show you that,I promised to share the revelation I had about God's love that I had and has changed my life hitherto.

I gave my life to Christ in the year 2012,and since then till early 2016,I knew God to be a holy God,and I also had a head knowledge that He is a loving father, but my holiness consciousness won't make me to embrace his love for me.
This faithful day, I was alone in a room and I was meditating on God's word,then I heard God said to me expressly, 'Son,I love you'. it was as if I haven't heard someone said that to me before,I was blushing on my inside(you know how you felt the first time your lover tells you,'I love you'). While I was  blushing,I thought to myself 'God,you are setting me up',because you are a holy God and I...
So I decided to ask God,I said God wait!,you mean if I commit sin today,you still love me? Expressly, I heard him said to me,'Yes'. It was as if I haven't heard that before,at that time I was crying already(without a preacher). I was getting overwhelmed by the revelation of His love as it was unravelling. Then the logical me asked God again,I said God wait o!,do you mean all those times when I commit sin and I'm always hurting and hunting myself with guilt,you mean you never stopped loving me? He said,'YES'. My mind was blown up! I was just crying without a preacher,my mind was renewed and there was fullness of joy inside of me,my orientation about God changed in few seconds. Then I lift up my face and for the first time in my life, from a loving heart I called God 'FATHER'...

That encounter has changed my perspective about God,He is indeed a loving father and trust me,from that time till now,all the results I have been seeing has been  complementing that truth,He is a loving father.

(John 21:1-8)
After the resurrection of Jesus,before he appeared to his disciples, those who were fishermen went back to their fishing. And then they didn't catch any fish as it happened the first time, then a guy walked up to them and told them to cast their net on the right side,when they did,they got a net breaking result. The same venue,the same occurrence, but what did peter do this time when He realise it was Jesus?

John 21:7  Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord. Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher's coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.

Unlike the first encounter when Peter said,'Depart from me...' He(though naked) ran towards Jesus. Why do you think he would do that,wasn't it the same Jesus he told in the beginning to depart from him?
At the first place he was conscious of Jesus Holiness,but this time,he has experienced Jesus love for him(when Jesus looked at him when he denied him three times and the look on his face was,'I have prayed for you,even though you have denied me,yet I love you) that was why he ran towards Jesus.

Why do God wants us to teach people about his love and not his holiness?
Because the consciousness of God's holiness will make you to want to run away from him but his love will make us run towards him.

When you fall today as a believer do you run away from God or you run towards him? The side of God you are conscious of will determine that. Today I am not just presenting God to you as a holy God,but as a Loving father. God loves you,nothing can separate you from His love for you(Romans 8:35-39)
What was common in the temptation of Eve in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament is that the devil wanted them to feel as if God didn't love them - He asked the woman, ‘Did God tell you not to eat of the fruit?’ And he presented it to her as if God was keeping something away from them. So also before Jesus was tempted, God had already at His baptism declared Him his beloved son, but when the devil wanted to tempt Him, he said, if You are the Son of God, at that time, he had removed the ‘beloved’. Which means the devil will always want to paint a different picture of our loving Father, God. And if he can succeed in convincing you, he's got you. Without doubts, it is easier for anyone that feels unloved to misbehave. 

So don't toil with this truth 'God loves you',this is the truth that can set you free from guilt and condemnation.

If God gives you restrictions, its because He loves you,this is the though you need to always feed your mind with,'GOD LOVES ME,I'M THE APPLE OF HIS EYES,I'M THE THOUGHT THAT FILLS HIS HEART, MY MAKE IS ENGRAVED ON HIS PALM.'