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My Story By Bose Akinola

Bose Akinola is a nollywood actress and a producer with both national and international recognition. She has produced several numbers of movies; FERANMI,IYAWO OLORIN,LOOGUN OFE,IDAJO OWO,EEPA,ANIKE KOLOBA etc. She is happily married and blessed with four children.
I am Bose akinola,thank you for hosting me.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it on the 10th. I was busy,that was why I requested for another date. I really hope my story is going to motivate someone in this place. I was raised by my grandma, I use to call her 'Iya Olobi'.Here in Ibadan,Olunloyo precisely.

I attended Omoyeni primary school.I don't know if any of you knows that school.My mother was and is still a business woman,she sells wood,'pako' in Yoruba. Growing up in an area like olunloyo,the only thing I was exposed to is 'how to sell woods'. Apart from my studies 'pako' was the only thing I know about. I decided to share this part so that you will know that your background has noth…

My Story By Oluwo Tolulope

Hello Fam. Thanks for having me here.

We are making Jesus proud. We are making Jesus famous. And that's a great joy. My story is incomplete without Jesus Christ and the precious Holy Spirit He left here to guide us.
I started off studying Computer Science and Information Technology at Bowen University Iwo,Having done my Primary education at Richmab International and High School education at  Government College Ibadan respectively.My foray into business started with Fashion (outfit).
I had an unusual long sleeves and I realized most cloths sent to me from my Dad who lives in England were my exact body size but was short-at-sleeve.During one of our long breaks, I decided to learn how to adjust the shirts,That decision to meet my need changed my life.
I began a quest to discover what really makes the TM Lewin ( which was the premium brand then) exceptional.I came up with 3things; *The fabric....*The Cut and the Design (tail, arrow back etc). So I asked around where I could get…

We Can't Even Kiss (2)

"Michael! Michael! Michael!" I called out to him after he stormed out due to a thick argument we just had. 
I want to remain sexually pure. I want to wait until my wedding day. Funny enough, Michael and I had a jotter plan of our shopping, the dates, budget, etc. Where do I start from if he breaks this relationship?
I forgot to say that Michael is a movie star and I was a Christian Blogger and fashionista. Many times, Michael finds my fashion sense 'wow' and he helps we with the modeling directing and studio arrangements. He's the best man you could think to have. The only problem I had with him was keeping my Virginity. 
"My Virginity is my pride!" I said during an argument we had when I met Michael in his house and he complained of being horny. Well, Konji na bastard. I agree with those who say so. I knew it was hard for him but... I dunno. 
Michael, I hope you're reading this now, I love you and I want to be with you forever but we need to share our …

We Can't Even Kiss

I love Michael, but Michael seems too handsome. Most times when we take a stroll, the species of girls who greet him makes me worried. The fat, slender, light, dark, chocolate, gentle and 'giri giri' ones. What do I do. 
There was a time we went to an eatery sef at Allen and a girl greeted him sitting on his laps before Michael could tell her to stand up, my psychological mind was on a destructive mission already. 
Who'd believe that Michael will get married to such a simple girl like me. I mean, I don't do most of the things 'those girls' do. 
At least, I don't 'sashe'. Plus, I'm a virgin. Michael would rather think I might not be good in bed. I try to convince him that the Holy Spirit will teach us but he's like 'Will Holy Spirit have sex with you and you'll become another Mary? '. 
I don't blame him. He's been in the world for so long and so being a Christian and remaining 'Sexually pure' again became a huge…

My Letter To Him (1)

My Love, 
I wish I could gather my thoughts together. The thoughts that you are be gone for long. You tear me apart thinking of what trauma the distance would bring. I'm sure it's all for our good. Always remember that I love you with the whole of my heart and will wait for you even if it'd take a lifetime. 
I remember you really loved that I communicate with you everyday even physically and emotionally. 
You left already, to a place I know right but it'd take a long time before we meet again. You said we'd get married immediately I'm there and There'd be a great party. I can't wait. What's the news I hear that I'm not the only bride?
That you didn't go for just me? Well, I don't mind. I'd give them a chance but please, reserve my photo space with you. 
I like pepper and so for the wedding over there, the caterers should be careful to put enough pepper.  What's the rumour I hear that they don't eat food there? That we'd just be…

Though They Are Bottles.

These containers in their likes perform different functions. Some contain little contents and others contain more contents and so few others contain more contents. 
Some are best and some are dirty, some are colorful and some are plain. Some are tied and some are alone. Some are in containers and some are not. Either ways, they serve different purposes. 

Whether you are tall, short, thin, fat, plump, dark, light, whatever, what matters most is that you're made by God. 
Nevertheless, God has made us different for different reasons. Different to fit into the society. Different to complete a set of people or plans. 
God has made many who they are because of their becomings in the future. God has made some who they are because His plans for them is in line with who they are. 
God has put us in positions that are warranted. Some need friends to succeed while a few can do it on their own. Some are poor, rich and others are merely comfortable. 
Whether or not you're in such position or for…