Hello Fam. Thanks for having me here.

We are making Jesus proud. We are making Jesus famous. And that's a great joy.
My story is incomplete without Jesus Christ and the precious Holy Spirit He left here to guide us.

I started off studying Computer Science and Information Technology at Bowen University Iwo,Having done my Primary education at Richmab International and High School education at  Government College Ibadan respectively.My foray into business started with Fashion (outfit).

I had an unusual long sleeves and I realized most cloths sent to me from my Dad who lives in England were my exact body size but was short-at-sleeve.During one of our long breaks, I decided to learn how to adjust the shirts,That decision to meet my need changed my life.

I began a quest to discover what really makes the TM Lewin ( which was the premium brand then) exceptional.I came up with 3things; *The fabric....*The Cut and the Design (tail, arrow back etc).
So I asked around where I could get fabric...got really nice ones and made through the help of the Tailors I had befriended several shirts. Important to note that we made several mistakes...
I got to School and I became best-dressed...I had these awards for 3years,Then I started getting friends come around to "borrow".Those shirts never came back.And that was how the Holy Spirit told me we could start a business.

The next break from School...I used my "pocket money" to make several and I was quick to give a seed to secure this,The rest is history.

By my 2nd year, I didn't need anyone sending me money.My younger Sis joined me in the same School and I became very responsible for/to her.It was also nice sending Mum and friends back home money for airtime.

The beautiful thing about Entrepreneurship is, once you learn the process,  nothing  can stop you. Ideas keep coming to you and you are BOLDER now to make mistakes.
Fail...stand up ....
From making just shirts...I realized Guys started asking for Natives...it was the new trend. We were quick to try this out.And it became very successful too.
And that was how morphed into making Suits for weddings and all.
You will start free...then you become cheap....then affordable...then expensive.

While doing Weddings...we realized many times, the Couple's parents who are usually not resident in the city of the wedding always have difficulties getting to the Church or event Hall.
There was even a wedding where the Guy assigned to pick up the Bride's Mum and her friends who flew in from the UK just for the wedding were forgotten in the hotel,By the time they remembered....
The Couple had been JOINED.It was WWW3!
The Bride's Mum demanded they be "un-joined" and "re-joined". Then a business idea came to me.
What if we became the solution?
See, Entrepreneurs are simple solution-providers. My Pastor, Rev Chetc
 Oyakhilome PhD DD DS says, "success is identifying a human need and meeting it". Success is essentially about impact/value. Some people are so poor, all they have is money. 

So we came together and decided to get cabs  (we didn't have any then) and we negotiated...quite close to what Uber does now. We did this with our first client very well.We even got vehicles based on people's budget.
We have Suvs, Saloons and even Trucks(pick-up),That's that for Transports.
Our foray into Agriculture came during my years as Banker,worked briefly with Access Bank.Let me back up a bit.

My first paid job after School was with a Spanish-Nigerian Oil and Gas firm.I was really young.

And in 3 months, I rose to become Head of projects (testimony for another time). But I was "empty".You know when you leave Uni and your friends call you..Not  just to check up on you.But to use "style" to know how well you are doing.

In comparison to their own lives....very bad trend. But I had that bragging right.Young graduate with a fresh and top-notch job.But I was empty.I knew something was wrong.The salary was good. 
My first day at work, met with two Ambassadors to Nigeria....Brazil and Spain respectively.My house was 950k annually paid by the Coy.But I was empty. I tried to suppress or fill that hollow with earthly things.Mind you, I was going to Church.Work however brought me to Ibadan.
I led a team to the then Gov Akala.

What my company couldn't do in 2years before my employment, I did in 12days to God's glory (reason for my speed promotion really).
But that was the mistake my Boss did/made,You might wonder how...I started life in Ibadan.
Was lodged in Davies Hotel (Bodija) for weeks.But I found my way in my local Church,And I knew why I  never felt fulfilled in Abuja.
Don't know if time will permit me to throw my light on this.

But taking a cue from the words of Mr Fela Durotoye, "the GLORY OF GOD WILL ONLY ARISE IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU ARE IN YOUR PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT ".
But I was promoted you would say and life was seemingly good.
But I learnt a very key lesson: God's call/calling is not judged by results.
Example: God told Moses to speak to the rock, but he struck the rock, even twice, but water still came out.The people still glorified God.
But was God pleased? No!

For that  singular act, Moses lost a ministry he had been trained 80years for.God said, "because you didn't honour me before the children of Isreal....go up that mountain and die"(emphasis mine).Anyway, I resigned from work. Found so much peace afterwards.

And I became a volunteer in Church.
Helping with the Teenagers.
We did this so well, we got awards locally, zonally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.But the greatest award is the changes we saw in the lives of these teenagers.
Have you observed Nigerians lack Mentors? Many people have to fend for themselves.But we became the voice for those who couldn't speak...

Listening ears for those who had their hearts to pour out.
And essentially an encouragement to many. We bought jamb forms etc

And we were there...I think this was the most important...when a teenager knows someone genuinely wants him/her to succeed,  nothing can stop such a kid.
Back to business.So that's how we moved from one business to another.And our recent baby is @troglogistics.

And we have received 5awards since we started that showing to God's glory that we can really do everything once God is involved.
He also blessed me with the best team members and partners in the world.Our story is not over yet.

It is still being written.And the Holy Spirit Has been our greatest sponsor.As a team, we fast every Friday, and we sow seeds as a family a lot. It is the reason people call us #topnotch.
I am glad to have shared our story with you all.Thanks for being a part of this. Thanks once again to the Admin...and his amiable team.

Thanks Bro Femi. This great Man here has been one of the reasons we are doing so well. Pls help me celebrate him. He is the Head of @troglogistics.

Question:  What has been my motivation? God! Impact. And transformational change. I also learnt early that the ONLY money available  to God is the one in the hands of Christians. So I desired early to produce value which in turn will create wealth so that God can be made proud through us.

Question: what do you mean  by God's calling is not judged by results. Answer: Another way to put that is God's will is not validated by results. There is a good idea and there is a God idea. The Bible speaks of a way that seemeth right to a man, but the end thereof is death. Many Christians judge God's will by temporary results. For example, if God doesn't want me to go to the USA,  why then was my visa application granted.

Like one of my Pastors said, "a Champion isn't made in the Boxing ring, he is only discovered there". I didn't "blow" the day I became known...the training must be there before reigning. That's how God works. I learnt from the scriptures that God believes so much in training. Our Lord Jesus Christ was trained 30 years for a 3years earthly ministry. His cousin, John the Baptist was trained same 30years for a 6months ministry.

Entrepreneurship is not a bed of Roses...even Roses have thorns. But we know from scriptures that, the darker the night the BRIGHTER our light. Infact, when there is no problem, we create one.

Ever read of one of David's mighty men who got bored during winter period (when usually there is no war) and went into a Lion's den to loom for trouble.  He went with only a staff (stick). And he slew the Lion. He wanted to vent. He had to do the unthinkable .Thank you all for the questions and all.

I could feel the anointing literally as I typed. And I know miracles will happen as a result of our time together. 

Remember, help comes from ABOVE and not ABROAD! And a lizard in Nigeria doesn't become an Alligator in UK.