I love Michael, but Michael seems too handsome. Most times when we take a stroll, the species of girls who greet him makes me worried. The fat, slender, light, dark, chocolate, gentle and 'giri giri' ones. What do I do. 

There was a time we went to an eatery sef at Allen and a girl greeted him sitting on his laps before Michael could tell her to stand up, my psychological mind was on a destructive mission already. 

Who'd believe that Michael will get married to such a simple girl like me. I mean, I don't do most of the things 'those girls' do. 

At least, I don't 'sashe'. Plus, I'm a virgin. Michael would rather think I might not be good in bed. I try to convince him that the Holy Spirit will teach us but he's like 'Will Holy Spirit have sex with you and you'll become another Mary? '. 

I don't blame him. He's been in the world for so long and so being a Christian and remaining 'Sexually pure' again became a huge problem.

 'Tope! You can't even kiss me! Are we going to remain like this until marriage? Ehn!' He says almost every time we bade goodbye after an outing. 

I love Michael. 
I don't want to lose him. But I want to remain sexually pure. What do I do?!