He was the man of my dreams,
Yes. The same man you see in your dreams
He was all I wanted
I could swear you'd get him hunted
He was all every lady clamored for
Every wanted all he had

His sweet words were enough to make my ears tingle
My stomach couldn't bear the tingle
"With all he said and did, of course he loves me" I thought.

And so one day I went to his abode
I went in and he decided to sing an Ode
I just couldn't figure out why

I'm lost in the realms of his voice
I think it makes me wan' love

And then we found our souls lost in his beautiful painted and decorated room.
Of course no one smelt doom.

Deep in the actions we went
Down in the dirt we crept

This is the story of the past me.
From now, its love over lust.