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I Need A Boyfriend

I think I need a boyfriend
"Yes, over and over I keep lurking behind the curtains of loneliness and depression.
Thinking if I was really good enough. No one was coming through, my friends went from one date to another, they even have a row of choices to make. They could decide to choose Tom, Harry or Dickson.
Mehn, I'm starting to feel odd. Guys keep calling me 'beautiful', 'intelligent', and some other sorts but no one is really talking about 'Hey pretty, I want us to go into a really serious relationship'. No! I feel every guy is gibbering!
Ask me out!
Are you shy? Not courageous? Errm... Say, you need time? Biko, give me signs! Let me know you love me but you just want me to wait!
I've been friends with John, along the line, we packed off!
Femi nko? He was too braggy! 
And Ade? He just left one morning forgetting all the memories we had together. We? Did I say we? Maybe just me!
Oh Gosh! I just thought Ade was the right guy! I just felt he was G…

My Story By Michael Fakoya

Michael is a Nigerian Gospel Artist, a song writer, composer and a choir director. He's the founder of the gospel group Michael&Orison. Apart from music he's also into fashion and graphic designing. His primary assignment is to minister and be a blessing to everyone who hears his music, both believers and none believers. He loves to read and travel.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Michael Fakoya a music minister.
I never really knew I could sing until a guy asked me to join my secondary school's choir cost I had cousins who sing well So the guy just thought I too must know how to sing. So I joined and I was surprised by my own voice And I've been singing ever since Music for me is my way of expressing my love for God and telling my story because every lyric I sing on stage is a reflection of what's going on inside me. When I say he's a way maker it's because I've seen HIM make ways so many times. That's a brief story about myself Is there anything you…

What I've Learnt By Aponjolosun Bolatito

In My Little Life Experience..... I Have Learnt That Humans Can Never Be Pleased, Just Like Our Wants Can Never Be Satisfied. I Have Learnt That The Road To Sadness and Early Grave Is To Please Everyone, Just As Horses Dies Pleasing Their Master. I Have Learnt That Been Someone Else Can Never Give Me A True Identity, Just Chameleon Who Changes Colour At Every Movement. I Have Learnt That Uniqueness Is Not Strangeness But A Matchless Figure, Just Like Lion's Personality. I Have Learnt To Speak Out My Mind Bcos I Can't Underestimates It impact, Just Like The Rain. I Have Learnt That Argument Does not Proves You Right or Wrong But Time Do, Just Like Noah's Ark Did. I Have Learnt That There Is Difference Between Those You Love and Those Who Loves You, Just Like Day And Night. I Have Learnt That Things Happens The Way We Have Accept Them, Just Like Life and Death. I Have Learnt To Forgive Not For Foolishness But Love Covers All Sins, Just As God Did. I Have Learnt That People and Circumstances Only Over Power Ou…


Got an inspiring story to share?
FLYWATERZMedia in conjunction with TheNewManMovement is set to launch a programme tagged "PROJECT S.M.I.L.E".

The S.M.I.L.E" is an acronym for “Sharing my inspirational life experiences”

Project SMILE is a project which is based on young transformed individuals who have experienced total change, help and salvation through God's love and people who have gone through various life challenges and troubles but have been delivered through the mighty hands of God.
These people will reach out to men and women going through similar challenges all over the world with their touching and inspirational stories, giving them hope and inspiring them to believe that there is nothing impossible for God to do
Submissions for this project opens on August 7th, 2017 - September, 10th, 2017.

If you want to be part of this Season’s project SMILE , please Send us your Story through any of our platforms:
Or Whatsapp: 234 (0) 8078924058*