I think I need a boyfriend

"Yes, over and over I keep lurking behind the curtains of loneliness and depression.

Thinking if I was really good enough. No one was coming through, my friends went from one date to another, they even have a row of choices to make. They could decide to choose Tom, Harry or Dickson.

Mehn, I'm starting to feel odd. Guys keep calling me 'beautiful', 'intelligent', and some other sorts but no one is really talking about 'Hey pretty, I want us to go into a really serious relationship'. No! I feel every guy is gibbering!

Ask me out!

Are you shy? Not courageous? Errm... Say, you need time? Biko, give me signs! Let me know you love me but you just want me to wait!

I've been friends with John, along the line, we packed off!

Femi nko? He was too braggy! 

And Ade? He just left one morning forgetting all the memories we had together. We? Did I say we? Maybe just me!

Oh Gosh! I just thought Ade was the right guy! I just felt he was God fearing and really supportive?

Where are all 'em boys?

Who would believe I don't have a boyfriend? My room floods all night with guys and none for me! Mehn!

I have problems and there's no one to tell so I'll get that sweet reply of "Dear, we'll be fine!"

My life is amazingly boring!
No boyfriend!
No life!

Oti sun mi! (I'm tired!)"

Baby girl! I know I wrote your exact thoughts but who knows, your time has not come yet.

You're tired of hearing that?

God is still making you!
Whether or not you're single, stay happy!

No one deserves your happiness!
No one wants to marry a depression suffering lady! Free yourself jare!

That you're single is not a crime, that you want to mingle at all cost is the crime.

There's nothing wrong in feeling this way but dwelling so much on it is the wrong.

Remember, I said in my new year post that I was gon' share some of my teenage years gists?

This is one.
I once thought this way too but I got too busy with my life to even notice anymore.

You're strong, you are valuable, you're wise, you can do it! Move on! 

Sometimes, you don't even need too many friends in your life let alone a boyfriend, durrh!

You have to sit down and relax. Think yet about your future. Discover yourself and your purpose. Get closer to God.

When the time is right, you'll get a fiancé and not a boyfriend.