Michael is a Nigerian Gospel Artist, a song writer, composer and a choir director. He's the founder of the gospel group Michael&Orison. Apart from music he's also into fashion and graphic designing.
His primary assignment is to minister and be a blessing to everyone who hears his music, both believers and none believers. He loves to read and travel.

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Michael Fakoya a music minister.

I never really knew I could sing until a guy asked me to join my secondary school's choir cost I had cousins who sing well
So the guy just thought I too must know how to sing. So I joined and I was surprised by my own voice
And I've been singing ever since
Music for me is my way of expressing my love for God and telling my story because every lyric I sing on stage is a reflection of what's going on inside me.
When I say he's a way maker it's because I've seen HIM make ways so many times.
That's a brief story about myself
Is there anything you'll like me to shed light on?

Yes sir,we want to know about the challenges you faced at the early stage of your carrier

The first challenge I faced was self esteem
I was really shy back then (still shy though)
But God placed some people in my life that helped me to take that out.

I had a concert in January
Also 3 singles out
I also have a fashion outfit
A graphic designing outfit also.
And I made mention of self esteem
Let me tell you how bad it was.
Then, I found it hard looking at people's face talkless of singing in front of people.

The first special number I ever sang was done with my eyes closed from the beginning to the end of the song
But I realised that if you pray to God to help you overcome something, he keeps pushing that thing in your face
If you ask God to help you live the unlovable, that's when people will get on your nerve the more.
So I prayed about it and the more I get on stage the less frightened I got
Funny thing is the people I prayed to be like then are now praying to be like me.
I believe what got me going was determination and that's something God cannot do for you.
Another challenge I faced was with my parents.
FYI my dad is a Baptist Pastor.

So I had some fights at home about not going to his church
But God gave me wisdom and patience to handle the situation
And after a few months of going to Global harvest church he asked a funny question "Michael shey Olorun ti pe e ni"
Someone who can read Yoruba should please interpret

Did God call you??
He saw changes in me and noticed I go to church more that he does

I go to church 6 days in a week. Even till now while he 3 days max in a week.
Just feel like saying that we need to prayerfully make decisions so that our parents won't regret giving us the freedom they did 
At some point in life we all have financial issues which is something I faced then (I still do o)
But I didn't allow that stop my commitment to what God has called me into.
I've had times that I've taking a stroll from Orita to Liberty road on a Sunday morning.
I've made sacrifices and I'm glad God has paid me back in multiple folds.

He has not called the house of Jacob to seek him in vain
So challenges only come to make us strong!
And please don't think I've been a good boy all my life
If there's any bad thing you've ever done, I might have done it too.
But God has a way of putting us back on track.
If a whole Peter can be rebuked by Paul for doing something wrong then who am I?

Enough of challenges. To good stuffs i've had the privilege of backing up for a few peeps like Yetunde Are, Gbade Adetisola, Big B
I'm the assistant music director of Global Harvest Church.
I have a group called Orison and in my opinion the best musical group in Nigeria.
If you don't believe wait till you hear us.
My first major event was on the 27th of January which was a mind blowing concert. I'm still getting testimonies till now. I also have one coming up this Friday.
Just log on to my Facebook page to watch us on Facebook live
Fakoya Michael

Q and A

What inspired you into fashion designing
Graphics designing?

How do you manage them all?

My mum was a fashion designer and I like the stuffs,that drew my interest.
Graphic design was just something I've love since I was small. I've always wanted to make flyers and as I grew I discovered there is more to graphic design than just flyers. Now I do logos and corporate branding
And all self taught

What's your advise to the upcoming artists?

You become a master at whatever you are committed to,though it might take years but keep it at.
Also take time to develop yourself cos God will not put you on a stage you are not ready for.
So that you won't disgrace him and yourself,that's why some door don't open.