In My Little Life Experience.....
I Have Learnt That Humans Can
Never Be Pleased, Just Like Our
Wants Can Never Be Satisfied.
I Have Learnt That The Road To
Sadness and Early Grave Is To
Please Everyone, Just As Horses
Dies Pleasing Their Master.
I Have Learnt That Been Someone
Else Can Never Give Me A True
Identity, Just Chameleon Who
Changes Colour At Every
I Have Learnt That Uniqueness Is
Not Strangeness But A Matchless
Figure, Just Like Lion's
I Have Learnt To Speak Out My
Mind Bcos I Can't Underestimates
It impact, Just Like The Rain.
I Have Learnt That Argument Does
not Proves You Right or Wrong But
Time Do, Just Like Noah's Ark Did.
I Have Learnt That There Is
Difference Between Those You Love
and Those Who Loves You, Just
Like Day And Night.
I Have Learnt That Things
Happens The Way We Have Accept
Them, Just Like Life and Death.
I Have Learnt To Forgive Not For
Foolishness But Love Covers All
Sins, Just As God Did.
I Have Learnt That People and
Circumstances Only Over Power
Our Choices Bcos We Gave Them
The Power To, Just As We Fails Or
I Have To Keep My Head High,
Just As The Eagle.
I Have Learnt To Love Myself, Just
Like Nobody Will Do.