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I Was Once Bullied

While I was young, I was loving, caring, gentle but playful. The thing was, everyone wanted to be my friend. Teachers, pupils, everyone.
I was posh. Yes, the posh girl with food flask and water bottle (I still use food flask anyways, yeah). I had a pink lunch box that always had biscuit and Capri sonne. My sister and I never missed it. I had the latest phone then; Nokia 3310, and I took it to school everyday. You see why I said everyone wanted to be my friend?
My school was one of the popular schools in Ikeja, Lagos. But, it wasn't a private school sha.
I won't forget to say my school was the most beautiful too. We had 'jingle overs', a field and so much toys. We had labs too. We didn't have a secondary school.
I loved my school so much I made sure my youngest sister attended when she was born. The school got bigger and leveled up in standard.
Back to while I was in school, Boluwatife and Halima were my friends, Gbemisola was anyone's friend, so far it was your birt…

My Story By Ademuyiwa Ademola

Anchor: Please let's all welcome our guest for tonight, the one and only MUYIWA ADEMOLA AUTHENTIC. Mr. Authentic: Blessed evening everyone. Thanks so much, I appreciate you all Mr. Authentic: I feel like mentioning your name one after the other but I think that would consume so much of our time. So once again blessed evening everyone Anchor: can we meet you sir. Mr. Authentic: Just like our anchor said, Here is Muyiwa Ademola Authentic. Born into a royal family, The Ademolas, from Egba, Abeokuta, Ogun state. My mother is from Kwara state. I started this job over 26 years ago under the tutelage of PA Charles Olumo popularly known as Agbako. Though I grew up in Ibadan. Infact I have spent over 40 years in Ibadan‬. So I do call myself "EGBA'BADAN (The fusion of the 2) Went to Christ Church School mapo v, Elekuro ibadan,St David's High school, Molete, Ibadan. One of the greatest universities on the planet‬, The University of Ibadan‬ and Obtained a Diploma in Adult Educa…


There's this kid that comes to my house everyday when I was young, I personally thought she basically came to play like other kids not knowing her parents sent her so early to come so she could eat with us. Little money. Poor feeding. Let's take a step in eradicating this! Let's make someone smile! FEED A HUNDRED is October 21st! 


 Feed A Hundred is a project to be hosted by The Dellasdiary Movement on 21st of October 2017. We are feeding a minimum of 100 people with the inclusion of beggars, orphans and the needy generally in Lagos, Ilorin, Ibadan and Ife and that makes it a minimum of 400 in total. 

We need hands and cash as our budget is 80,000#.

 Please do well to make donations to; Marvellous Onyekponwane 2208680145 Zenith bank 

 For more information contact:
Marvelous: 08103299263 
Acalypha: 08147258808 
Adeola: 08148660651 
Elumide: 07037410896 

We do not take your feedback for granted!

Happy Birthday To Bose Akinola

Mrs Bose Akinola, the popular Nollywood actress we know, once got hosted on our blog some months ago and its her birthday today and we really celebrate this day with her!

Happy birthday ma'am! Long life and prosperity. On behalf of your son Akinola Olayinka Samuel and Abayomi Adeola (Blogger at, we wish you a very Happy Birthday and we pray that your joy and happiness that has spread to us, will never run dry!

By the way, you're very beautiful ma'am, we hope to host you once again!

To check up her life story, click here

What I Define Love As

And so, I finally decided to write!
Being Della, I have lots and lots of principles many considered as weird. I'd love to share one with us. 
I follow the community principle. I believe that "happiness is not full until  it placed a positive effect on your neighbors". Personally, my happiness and satisfaction comes when I'm happy and you're happy. I can't be happy and you're not happy. There should be parallelism. 
If you meet Della in a restaurant or an eatery whichever way, she'd never call you and say "come and eat". She expects that  you just wash your hand or pick up a spoon to join her (my roommates know. Lol). 
As for her, she won't say thank you instead of joining you when she's hungry when you say "come and eat". She'd join you. There is an exception. If I know you I might not wait for you to even say "come and eat". 
I just believe that if I take a wrap of semovita with my friend. I might be complaining b…

My Story By Ayoade KJSheggs Olusegun

Ayoade KJSheggs Olusegun is Nigeria's first and finest Karaoke Jockey/host and Founder/CEO at Nairoke Entertainment, Nigeria's Karaoke company. Segun is a Crans Montana Forum's New Leader for Tomorrow, a Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumnus and one of 2016 '30 most influential personalities of Ibadan" according to the ConnectIbadan Brand. He is the #karaoking and the leader of the #tongueoutgang. He can be reached via @KJSheggs.
I ran an organization called Wakose Academy which literarily translates to ‘Come, let’s learn’ from 2012 to 2014. The organization was a sandbox for different ideas my brother and I thought of. Sometimes around 2013, my brother sent a Singtrix karaoke machine to try out and see the opportunities around it. I called for a karaoke hangout, had a full house, people had fun the first time but most never really enjoyed it or come back for another experience. The exposure to the machine also got me wondering why karaoke wasn’t m…