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I Was Once A Bully Too

I'm sure the title came as a shock to some people. Lol.
How this 'Della' was once a bully. Funny right?. Let me gist you.
While I was in secondary school- Leeland College, Oregun, just in Jss 1, I remember my first day in class where I met some of my mates from primary school and they were shouting my name with so much joy and a teacher was in class, they didn't bother.
As time went on, my seniors in ss3 were so cruel to is as punishments were metted out by Senior Tina who was the head girl. I didn't like the autocracy. It was everywhere. Even Js2-Js1, seniority acts were too much.
My friends and I remained rude. I was rude with them not because I was big o. The friends I followed gave me liver. They were BIG girls, chested and endowed. Me, I didn't have anything. Lol. I sha followed them, but I spoke most times.
Seniors sent juniors on errands without giving them money. That means, they had to buy it with their own money. This one weak me.
"This senior…