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December Is Birthed!

This is December. Apparently the last month of the year and somehow, I'm excited.
I'm not excited because Christmas is around the corner or because a new year is fast arriving. I'm excited because one way or the other, my intentional and unintentional goals have all been accomplished (I even added like two more last week, and trust me when I say I'd be off from it).
2017 has been a funny one. Different occurrences, so much mistakes, a few regrets and so much of enjoying God's grace.
My 2017 has been like I sat down in the heavens to design my year with God (which I did though😂, I cannot let my year be one Kain). 
My challenge is YOU today. How far have you gone in your plans? Have you been sitting and letting waves pass you by? Or you stood up to speak and let waves obey? Whichever you did, 31 days is somewhat enough to adjust.
I don't know what your 2017 went or is going like, but I tell you, there's light at the end of the tunnel. You cannot remain the same. …

True Worshippers Conference

A time for True Worship, A time when the Father communes with the heirs to his kingdom. A time for an heavenly organized meeting with the Trinity. Another time to hear the Father speak A time to listen and imbibe the undiluted words of God. A moment of Transformation, Sanctification, and Glorification Here comes the divine coronation When the saviour finally takes his seat in our lives!
When his reign finally begins and his kingdom is totally established on Obafemi Awolowo University campus
Happening Live and powerfully, in Amphitheater at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. On the 17th-19th of November.
Set a reminder!
Featuring:  Drama and Word Night!
Concert and Word Night!
A thanksgiving Sunday!
Awesome, isn't it? 
Make sure you are there if you're in OAU. It promises to be life transforming and impactful. So, You can't just miss it.
See you there!

New Month Musings

Its a new month! This new month is the penultimate month of the year and it seems like God is clapping for me. Lol.
This was the musing God laid in my heart; at the beginning of this year, we had resolutions, promises to God and to ourselves too, goals and vision for 2017 and here is 2017, waving a bye already.
How do you feel? Fulfilled? NOT fulfilled? However, you have a month and some days left to catch up with your plans for this year. Do not give up. Start somewhere. There's light at the tunnel.
The little drops fill a bucket, you know. Your little is someone else's big. You can do it! Yes! God will help you!
Once again, Happy New Month!