So, I’m Oluwadamisi S., and as you’re expecting, I’ll be going through five mistakes I made in this year, and which I do not hope to make in 2018.
First things first, I tagged the year 2017 as Redefinition ’17, which guided my actions all through the year. I divided the year into Five Sectors; Spiritual, Academic, Social, Financial and i-Zone (this is where my career, dreams, inspiration and all that fantasy stuff comes to play).
Rather than bore you with what those sectors entail, let me just say things did not go as smoothly as planned. And let’s get on with my five mistakes for this year.
Mistake 1.0: Most often than not, we all make new year resolutions which we hope to follow through, but end up not doing half of what we planned. My first mistake was on misplacement of priority. I knew I had lots of things to clear from my to-do list for the year, but rather than drop the excesses, I tried hoarding everything (even the sudden ones) on my shoulder and ended up losing on the important ones. For instance, there was a conference I was supposed to attend. I’d planned for it. But, some two three days to the conference, I was faced with having to tutor some junior colleagues of mine for a presentation slated for the last day of the conference. I very well knew I wouldn’t be able to tutor them well if I was still to go for the conference, so I dropped the conference and focused on my junior colleagues, believing that since the conference was an annual program, I could always attend next year’s, unlike the presentation of my junior colleagues that was like an ace in the basket for them. As much as I received accolades for a job well done concerning my junior colleagues, I had missed out on a conference that was crucial to me, for a sudden request of tutoring. Although, I was consoled with the whole sermon on sacrifice, I knew better; No matter how impactful something may appear, if it’s too sudden and would totally reorder your schedule, politely put it aside and focus on your productive schedule. 
Mistake 2.0: ‘Procrastination is the thief of time.’ I read that in a book. If there has been any recurring challenge in all my years, it’s the troublesome procrastination. Despite having a schedule for the day and also the month, I found out that I was lazing on some of my goals under the guise of I still have ample time. Although, I never really did suffer a serious backlash, I had a few embarrassing moments which reiterated the lessons of if you fail to prepare, then you’re preparing to fail. Procrastination made me look like a novice in the art of spoken word, when I went for a performance. Although, thanks to spontaneity, I was able to scale through and give the audience something to cheer and think about, but the pros in the house knew that I had issues (my colleague told me point blank). Even when given assignment, I was unconsciously fond of attending to the assignments at the deadline, which most often affected the quality of my work. Never ever keep till tomorrow, what you can achieve today.

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Mistake 3.0: There’s this phrase always start from where you are. It has been something that I knew and kept saying from time to time, but never really did put it to practice. After outlining my plans for the year, I found myself complaining and complaining over not having the right resources for the plans I’d listed. In the long run, I ended up discarding or let me say hibernating great feasible plans which should have be completed this 2017, because I was too focused on getting better resources before actually starting on the actualization process. I’ve learnt to stick to the phrase always start from where you are, corrections and upgrades can come later. I believe 2018 will be better.
Mistake 4.0: I guess this was my greatest mistake this year. I never really did appreciate to my heart’s content, people around me; my friends and colleagues. Of course, deep down I was all joyful and glad that they were there for me, and were all making progress, but my outward appearance never really showed appreciation. And it nearly cost me my friendship with some of my close pals. I was always the robot guy that never seemed to hangout and have fun particularly, but I’m glad they opened up and helped me correct this error. Being unavailable and unappreciative of friends and those around you, can kill their morale and productivity – even yours.  
Mistake 5.0: Not quite long ago, I was scammed. It isn’t too serious though. I’ve been engaged in online transactions for a while this year, and I let down my guard at this tail end of the year, and lost a measly amount to a cheap scammer. Although, I have all the necessary details to track the scammer, I guess I’ll let it pass, after all he taught me a valuable lesson of Always be on guard. Not everyone is as trustworthy as you, so don’t be surprised at disappointments and deceit. 
So there you have it, five mistakes I made this year, and the lessons I learnt. I hope you learnt from it too.