Hi! I am Joshie- Ef and this is the wordicted series. 'Wordicted' is coined from 'Word' and 'addicted' and so,like it is with every first cup of wine or dose of an injection, this is our first shot. I trust you to get high on this fresh one.


Well, suffice it to say the word 'youth' has been whipped thoroughly through the ages, each time leading to a set of attitudes that accompany the exuberant vitality of the word. Here I present my little unbroached version of the rarely whipped portions.

1. Youths commit greater atrocities

Now I might be picking my definition of youth up from  uh..say 15 here, but remember when you were young and all you could do was pick a piece of meat and snip off parts?. And well, the fear of getting caught gnaws at every corner of your sinful soul?. Good. Now  you don't snip it, you swallow the whole damn thing and trot like a king.
 While on campus, you call home for funds, and divert them  into other uses without batting an eyelid.
  The lies are more 'mature' and the disobedient acts more defiant.
  Some ugly side of the youth it is.

2.  Belief in God wanes or gains.

 Daddy and Mummy simply woke you up every Sunday morning or Friday afternoon, got you dressed and you got into the car. And, its off to church or mosque. You believed in God just because your parents said it was the right thing. No arguments whatsoever, any room  for doubt was counted as devilish in your past.
 Then the beards come and the hips shapen. You wonder, why should I have to serve some entity I don't see?. You struggle with the whole thought and you fall loose or your conviction deepens. You turn a God freak or a budding agnostic. Some don't just care.

3.  Success quotes, motivational messages hit their mark.
 The age of knowledge is here. Tough decisions have to be made,life changing moves have to be played. You badly need that assurance that all's going to be well, despite the sometimes contradicting circumstances. Well, join me in heralding the arrival of quotes and messages with impact. Church becomes the haven of succor. Those 'you will make it' messages are the selling point. The 'go for it' status update by your WhatsApp friend bears an inviting appeal. Its the tonic you need now.
 Now,surely these make sense to well grown adults too ,just makes greater sense to you. The youth advantage is there.

4. Things don't just happen
This probably doesn't apply to everyone, nothing does anyway. But there was a time when events just took place and you simply went in line. You never saw the efforts, the planning, the inputs, all you were concerned about and saw were the results. Now all that passes. You have to do something to get every damn little thing done. Every little detail has to be precisely near perfect. That wedding,that church program, the family get together. They all suddenly need a propelling force.
The 'youthy' days are here.

5. Relationships are just, just of essence.

 Family ties, friendship bonds now matter. From the platonic level straight to the romantic exploits, they seem to now move your world. Like it or not, one friend seems to always have your back. One gut makes you tick, his words are fire reaching out with warmth into the innermost crevices of your heart. One girl gives you that marvellous feeling and you can't seem to get enough. God! You're so in love,it pours and doesn't rain!.

 6. Any further would be boring.

If you managed to read up to this point, well any further would be boring, Joshie-Ef knows that. So we'll just take our breather right here.

 Till we meet to do our thing again.

On a parting note, I really believe in Jesus and think you should give im a try,might be worth it.

Faniyan Joshua Oreoluwa, Word therapist and writer. A medical student in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo university, with a flair for putting letters together for the fun of it.
He thinks friends are wonderful and ardently believes in Jesus being Lord.
Goes by the pen name, 'Joshie-Ef'.