A number of times, I've attended the sociology class because of the handsome look of Mr. Adesoji, my sociology lecturer.

Mr. Adesoji finished in Obafemi Awolowo University with a first class and trust me, he has the sweetest accent I ever heard on this campus. Mr. Adesoji is not married yet and it doesn't seem like he's planning to at all. 

The way female students flock around him, even female teachers have their soft spot for him. Mr. Adesoji is truly endowed with so much handsomeness, neatness and great carriage (I mean, who doesn't want these in a man?). 

I remember times I just didn't feel like attending lectures and no matter how tired I was, I would do for Sociology class. The class was always filled up with even girls who are not even offering the course. They were everywhere. Times where I botched Law of Contract lectures, I never for once missed Sociology class.

Asides the fact that Mr. Adesoji is the man of my dreams, I think he likes me too. He stares at me sometimes in class and makes sure I'm positive about understanding what he's teaching, he fondly says "Do you students understand?" and the reply goes "Yes sir!" from anxious students, especially from the female students. I think he spoke to me particularly.

My greatest wish is to find my way into him. I just wanted him to possess me. "Come, I don't think this is lust, yeah?" I once thought because everytime I think about him, it was more like a hot iron was used to melt my heart.

Mr. Adesoji, I hope you see this and I find out that you feel the same way despite the finer and hotter girls OAU has.

Till then, I sleep in your manger of love.

PS: This is a Fiction.