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A New Meal I Invented!

You almost won't believe! I decided to try something really new and guess what! It worked out! I'm so, excited to share so, just read along!

On the 8th of February, 2018 , I decided to try something new which I later called; PLANTAIN PASTE!


Step 1: Get from the market a really soft or rather overripe plantain, your stew ingredients, and of course your oil for frying.

Step 2: Having made your stew, heat up your oil to start frying the plantain after you must have chopped out the plantain (even though it's soft!)

Step 3: As you're frying it, you mix and mesh with a cooking spoon until it becomes a paste.

Step 4: Once its done, serve! And serve it to form a mole (something that looks like Eba when served). Yeah!

Step 5: Add beside it, your already made stew.

Voilà! Your meal is ready!

PS: You can enjoy it with your family, friends, lover or serve it for dinner. It's light!

PS 2: You'd enjoy it more with a chill drink beside it. Hmmm! Soft!

This food was prepared by 'Yours truly'- Adeola Abayomi!

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  1. Wow, nyc one and please keep it up. I also have some interesting posts you can read on But have you read "The Obstacle In Your Path"

    Here is the link below,

    1. Thank you, Teevibe. We'd check it out.


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