Hi! I am Joshie- Ef and this is the wordicted series. 'Wordicted' is coined from 'Word' and 'addicted' and so, like it is with every second cup of wine or dose of an injection, this is our second shot. I trust you to get high on this fresh one.

Valentine reminiscences.
You feel like things can't better than this. It feels like bliss, a flow of amazing ease like Daddy Cupid gave you a kiss. Love,what a feeling! That rush of emotions,that extraordinary 'feel good' giddiness. I call it 'squishy squishy', yeah....What a day valentine is!
So,its all over. Week long preparations towards a 24-hour thing have all paid off. The whole drama preceeding the day has wined down too. Now, ladies can return to their natural defensive position( Shakara reactivated). Men can pick the calls and reply the messages once again. If only we could stop taking this whole thing as men attacking and ladies defending, if only. We live to fight another day anyway.
The day surely came along with its fair share of surprises. 'Awww' noises must have flown in the air like oxygen,poems littering the internet like memes.  A couple of engagements too, probably with their fair share of tears. Some will jostle you into reality like Della and others might be long overdue and heartily welcome. Why, its supposed to be love day
Let's make a couple of assumptions. Let's say there was never any day set aside for 'valentine'. Let's say Feb 14 was chosen as world cancer day. Pretty normal day, right?. Exactly. Consequently, we'd still have to shower the love anyways, just that we wouldn't tag it love day. That's the idea.

Love everyday, love anyway, love away all the way. It shouldn't just be on a Feb 14. 

The 4 yards of Da viva for Mummy, that pair of shoes for aburo doesn't have to be on a Feb 14. Your proposal could be delayed anyway, your choice. See, the world could really get better if we made every day valentine. 
Let the love flow, let the lights glow, never keep it on a low.
There's also a greater command to love too. An order from above emanating from the very origin of love. It's yours for the taking, love infallible, unbeatable. And, it does work.

Let's go take a breath of fresh air, people.
I am Joshie-Ef and I think love's marvellous.

About Joshie-Ef:
"Ama pick the words, daze you in a haze, You'll need pace, with amazing grace for the runaway race. Go get ya brace.
Word slayer.
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I ain't from around here, dunno why God lemme run it down here, folks."