Do you know that feeling, 
The one in colour blue? 
That very one that makes you wish you had
What you wish you had? 
I have plenty of those .

Sometimes accompanied with plenty tears
Other times tearless but I have my head bowed,
The bow of defeat 
These feelings from the pit of hell. 

Nevertheless I won't let those stop me 
Those blue feelings
I won't wish I have what I wish I have 
Not anymore! 
I will ignore them, shove them off completely 
And when I get what I want 
People will be green with envy

Let the light fall on me 
No more darkness ,
No more depression,
No more wishing .

Dedicated to all who go through the abyss of these feelings each day.
Let go of your worries, let go of your wishes, and leap into your dreams. You need no one to push you. You are strong enough.
Go on and have it.

My name is Okonkwo Jemima Chineye. I'm presently a Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. I'm a freelancer and particular like to write poems and short stories. I love to inspire and encourage people. My dream is to one day have a platform that aims at encouraging people that have been plunged into misery and sometimes insanity.