I cried in a public place.

I know how shocked you might be about it but, yeah. Shit happens.

Crying for me has overtime being a way of expressing myself- happy, sad, in grief, anxious, etc. I pour them out by crying.

A lot of my friends tease me right from secondary school that I had too much tears in my eyes. Then, I thought I was prolly just immature and all that.

But lately, it has come too often and I feel I'm just like that by nature.

I remember many times I cried to many of my friends about one thing or the other and because they understand me, they never teased me about being childish, too serious about life, too emotional, etc. They took me like that with a hug and their cloth to clean my tears(I love this part. Lol). If you're my friend, and you've seen me cry, you mean a lot.

No, I don't feel weird anymore. Today was another day I cried.

I was meant to go somewhere to get some things and as I sat in the bus,  decided to confirm if I took everything I needed and alas, my ATM was forgotten.

I had to alight to get to any UBA around to withdraw. I started shaking. I didn't know anywhere around (someone actually led me to the bus stop and taught me my way back to that bus stop promising to pick me up )

I sha boarded a bus saying I was going to 'any UBA around'. The conductor was shouting, they argued on the exact place the bank was. At the end, we found it and I got there. The queue was long. What I wanted to do was urgent. I became sad. I asked to do a cardless transaction but unfortunately, it wasn't in operation.

I tried to ask for help from people with their ATM to let me do a transaction to their account with my phone and then withdraw with their card. Everyone was saying "No, sorry", " I can't wait", etc. One even lied not to be with his ATM and he sneaked to the machine.

Ladies and gentlemen, I started crying as I went back to the queue. At a point, I started panting around the banking hall. I felt like something I could do for someone easily, I couldn't get it easily.

I couldn't even start forming. My top was almost soaked with tears. Time was not on my side. It was urgent. A lot of things travelled through in my mind. I felt bad.

When everyone started turning heads, I had to walk to the counter to ask if I could do mine earlier (you might ask why I didn't do this earlier instead but, would you think people who had been there earlier and for long too would have let me if I wasn't crying?)

The man who was meant to go next was nice to allow me first.

As much as this might sound childish to our 'almighty mature ones', it's just one of the ways I express myself.

Just so you know, only strong women cry.

How do you express yourself?