Jide and I have been courting for sometime now and trust me, I've enjoyed every bit of it.

But, aside the lovey dovey we do, nothing else goes on. We share almost everything except our problems.

One day, it all got too much of a burden for me because while I started to put of attitudes, Jide was really worried and it affected us.

While in my moody moments, I decided to lock myself off from the world by not talking to anyone and being on my own.

I cried to God to help me let out myself to Jide since our relationship should also mean telling him all that is wrong with me and vice versa.

And God said; "Just like I want to hear every single thing that goes on with you, he wants to hear too. That is what Love means'.

As soon as I heard that, I called Jide and made sure we met that day and apologized for all the attitude I've put up promising to always let out and I proposed again;

Jide, will you be my best friend?

PS: After posting for here in a long time (not really?), I got dealt with by writers' block to come back here and write on love. By the way, this is fictional!