Sometimes, hope gets so bleak and miseries abound. Then many a person, life cruelties unmercifully astound. It seems as though all is lost. The going gets tough, yeah it does.
So, how do you get going?

     I don’t remember much in secondary school physics anymore. But it was a favourite for me back then so I think I can fare well in recollecting some basic principles. The Newton’s first law of motion goes somewhere along the line of “Unless an object is acted upon by an external force, it tends to remain at rest……..”  The last phrase doesn’t matter much to us here. Okay, let’s say that differently. Newton basically assumes that all objects need a push or else tend to remain dormant. I just like to wonder, did Isaac Newton consider the egg at all? Oh yes, the egg. The hen’s egg.
     Now I’m certainly not about to challenge a founding father of what we know to be physics today. My wits are absolutely outmatched here. Furthermore, he’s still right anyway. A human external force on an egg could break it (which is undesirable except you intend to fry eggs, of course). A better line of reasoning could be that the mother hen’s external force in the form of heat certainly helps in hatching the egg. In either case, the egg cannot be assumed to be at rest anymore. I like to think differently though. The egg didn’t just hatch because the mother hen warmed it. No. It hatched because it had life in it. It hatched because there was an internal force generated within it that proved capable enough to be up to the task of hatching.
      Yeah, maybe you’re all you need to get going?
     Alright, let’s put the Newtonian thing aside. It probably doesn’t appeal to your critical logical evaluation anyway. Sometimes its just the writer thinking out loud on paper really. Let’s talk you, and I. Do we really need a push? Better put, do we always need a push? Are we totally insufficient for ourselves?
     Ladies and gentlemen, I say NO. I repeat, NO.
     Within you, exists the power to push to the limits of boundaries previously unexplored. Within you is that pace, coupled with an abundance of grace for the toughest race. Now go get you your brace, cause you might be shocked at what you can do.

     Oh, I can hear that. ‘How do I know?’ Yeah, how do I know? C’mon, you’ve done this sometime ago! You don’t remember? You really don’t? Let’s take a walk down the memory lane then. Do you remember when you were a sperm cell racing with millions of others for the glory, the promised land of one ova(human egg cell) Do you remember that you gave it all, all the fight you had in you? And that within you, was the force required, the speed necessary to penetrate that ova and turn out to become that awesome guy or girl you are right now? Oh yes, you’re awesome. The whole race could have played out differently, you know. Imagine being a guy instead of a girl right now, or otherwise.
     Let’s cut the long story short anyway. 
     You’re powerful, there’s so much strength in you and me. You’re just a few breaths away from victory. It’s all within you.
     No ‘maybes’ anymore.
     It’s now like peak milk.
     IT’S IN YOU.

My name is Faniyan Joshua Oreoluwa aka Joshie~Ef. I'm a medical student with a burning passion for putting pen to paper and making words come alive. To put it in simpler terms.
"I love to make it rain. I've got an overflowing brain I must drain with little strain and no pain. What I do is simple.
I just make my pen stain a paper plain.
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