The day breaks without promise, in a temporary show of hope's demise. The urge to carry on with the day is gone as though the sun sets with the morning shine.

     Sometimes life doesn't happen according to our fondest dreams. Okay, scratch that. It'd be inappropriate of me to talk about that when the worst I've suffered really, is heartbreak. Oh, I've been robbed of one or two electronic devices too, but that's it. I'm still trying to figure out the whole life thing too. Here, I'll like to talk about the petty little day-to-day problems. Something like burning your clothes in the process of ironing, losing money suddenly or being snubbed by somebody.  

As trivial as they may seem, especially the last example. They certainly don't leave you happier than you were before they happened.  

     So these things happen. Then we say ‘Oh, I’m having a bad day'. Of course, these are inevitable situations which occur once in a while, but the real issue is, there's this 'roll-over' effect these things have. So after losing money, something bad happens again, then another, then another until finally, we give up on the day and go to bed unhappy. Maybe we can fare better with bad days, maybe not. Anyway, I think we all need the empire state of mind.

     Call it anything. Attitude, disposition, belief, whatever. It’s all about the mind. It’s placing the mind in control, in a way that every little incidence doesn't bring us down. It’s having this supreme "feel-good" thought up there, a feeling that trumps all variable dicey situations that you encounter daily. It’s building an empire in your mind, an empire of positive thinking reinforced with steel rods all the way up until the situations don't control you anymore, you control them! 

     Just like a house solidly built to withstand floods, an empire state of mind affords you a refuge from every little trouble that might come your way here and there. One more thing, it helps in your relationship with others. People will always give you reasons to be unhappy, but the choice is yours to accept those reasons or not. But if you certainly want to be the master of your own fate, then you need to build an empire state of mind. 

Above all, it’s a ‘You and I’ thing. It’s making who we want from every situation that comes our way. 

Let's try that empire state of mind. 

Let's learn to put our mind over every matter, think beyond every problem. 


Faniyan Joshua Oreoluwa aka Joshie~Ef. 400L Medical Student, OAU with a burning passion for putting pen to paper and making words come alive. 

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