I write of you, beloved,
Of a golden morning,
I found a treasure, long-lost,
I write of this ceaseless longing.

I write of eyes bright as the sun,
and lips luscious as rose petals,
Of a fair maiden's son,
the one I call my lover.

I write of the joy I found,
In the soft rhythm of your heartbeat,
and of the warmth you bring,
the pool of your desires,
In which I'd drown.

I write of smiles like the star,
and of perfect symphony,
Orchestrated by your voice,
I write of you, my love.

I'm Adeyeba Funmi. A part 1 student of Obafemi Awolowo university. The pen name is Ice-Adonis. I love writing because I believe the right words can change the world.
Call/Whatsapp: 08160230502