He is the devil himself,
Or so I thought till I took the step,
He wasn't another Lucifer,
In fact he was a man with a broken heart,
I'd sit a while to ease his heart,
But alas! the right intention, wrought the worst situation.

Heart, oh treacherous heart!
how did I fall irrevocably into this art?
How did a wrong turn norm?
it's done now, nothing can be done.

Now my eyes fail to listen yo me,
They crave the sight of you
they stare furtively at you, only you,
Who made away with my heart.

Let us love tonight,
Let's drown in the pool of desires,
As we have sought the favour of our maker,
and abided by all earthly traditions,
Let's bask in the aura of love.

I am Adeyeba Funmi, a part one student of Obafemi Awolowo University. Writing is life for me and I believe if you follow the flow in your heart, the right words can right the world.
E-mail: olusolaadeyeba@yahoo.com
Whatsapp/call: 08160230502