In my wide world
Of thorough thought
I sat to surmise
May be 
It's a 
Chadian charm
Made of different marjoram 

May be 
It's a hoodwink of different hoods

May be
It's a crazy conspiracy
Done with million dollars

As Maryam Abiola
Came out like  a fearless cow
Saying with a smile
"I've killed four people
And with hijab I operate
Like a purloiner in the night"

As if she has forgotten
Muslims are still 
Struggling with scars
Of bad names

Hello! Maryam
May be 
It's a thick sickness
In the head.

-Ibraheem Lateef Adebayo is a writer/poet  writes about the society and mankind.
I can be reached on 
234 812 304 3688