It’s initially perplexing, even tougher to come to terms with when realization dawns on us, that life isn't fair. 

     I've always adored babies. Well, I think most people do anyway. Those little human beauties can be cutey cute, you might agree. Moreover, I think they represent the human ideal. Why? Hakuna matata! It means no worries, for the rest of your days! Have you ever seen a baby worry about tomorrow? Or about how unfair life can be? I guess not. I'd rather it never happened too.
      How do we know life is unfair anyway? Quite straightforward, you see. To start with, given a choice of the existence or not, I would never have chosen to exist at all. Maybe you'd have loved to. I just think you wouldn't have chosen Nigeria. You probably wish you were handsomer or more beautiful too. On and on and on, the list lengthens. So much for the 'life's good' phrase.  A life where men attain heights of power via unscrupulous means and even live long enough to enjoy, then extend the riches of their filthy means to generations yet unborn while a diligent man struggles to make ends meet even while labouring assiduously in all honesty. Okay, maybe there's no totally honest man alive. But there are degrees of honesty, right? Or is it the case that you're either honest or you're not, no degrees? Well, I don't know. I do know it isn't fair though.
      Let's face it. You have this picture of a good life in your mind. You probably deserve it too. So you're working towards it. But, does life usually give us what we deserve? Maybe some of the time, or never? A married couple with no premarital sexual activity whatsoever goes 10 years childless while a 15 year old has her second abortion with no resultant complications. Maybe that's what they both deserve, unh? Yeah, now you're getting it. A good life is rarely served on a platter of gold to most people, not even a platter of stone. Remember, if wishes were to be horses anyway, beggars would have such a wild ride.

     Okay, life isn't fair. So? Deal with it!

     As it almost always is, the earlier, the better. The earlier you realize you only deserve what you go for, the better. So you want something, go for it. You have to make your own platter of gold, especially if you're not among the lucky few who are born onto one. Life isn't fair? Be fair to yourself then. If you can do something better than you are right now, then in all fairness to yourself, do it.

     Trust me, no amount of words used here will suffice for any momentum you want to gain if you don't actually act, and that, now. Otherwise, you think life isn't fair? Then do nothing and see if it gets better.

The other choice you've got is, to deal with it!

Hi! My name is Faniyan Joshua Oreoluwa aka Joshie~Ef. I'm a medical student with a burning passion for putting pen to paper and making words come alive. To put it in simpler terms……...
"I love to make it rain. I've got an overflowing brain I must drain with little strain and no pain. What I do is simple...
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