Days come when it feels as though the whole world has passed us by in a whiff. You feel stuck, yet you think you're doing things right.

     Life can come across as tricky when things happen without an apparently plausible explanation. Worse still, you're actually convinced of doing the right thing in the proper manner. What in the world could possibly have gone sideways? Well, I'm quite clueless about it too. However, I do know a few things.

     Let's paint a relatively relatable scenario of a secondary school leaver who has already made 2 attempts at university admission. Well, she's certainly not delighted at the prospect of another long stay back home. To make things worse, a good number of her former classmates are gradually completing their second years in different departments. Another twist to the story is that she's better off academically than a host of already admitted classmates. Moreover, she hasn't stopped reading hard altogether. She's probably backing it up with prayers, assuming she's religious. She's probably not lucky or not praying enough, right? It’s not yet her season or time for admission, maybe? Well, thing is we don't know. All we know is she's convinced about doing things well. Let's do some objective analysis. We're always objective whenever we're not emotionally invested anyway, the human thing.

     To me, I feel it’s all about the process. She's doing the right things, the right way yet nothing has happened yet. Should she change her process? A failed method will almost surely always fail if it is continually used, so true. So what about an improper, uncompleted method? Yeah, failure. So maybe it’s not that case where the process has failed, maybe the process is still in the process and at the end of it.

     The delay in results is probably not because you're doing things wrong. It could also be that results are not due yet. Actually, you might be doing things wrong too. That's left to you to know or not. We all have that sense of right or wrong in different dimensions of relativity so it'd be so superfluous to talk 'right' and 'wrong' here. 

     So, if there's that thing you feel or know you're doing right yet haven't made any headway with, do not panic. Provided it's the right process, it’s certainly heading somewhere desirable. Simply allow for smooth flow and a wonderful finish to it. Give it time and you shouldn't regret it. 

     The message is concise, folks.

     Never, ever interrupt the process. Better still; never, ever interrupt the 'right' process.

 So what's 'right'?

That's left to you. I don't know too...

Hi! My name is Faniyan Joshua Oreoluwa aka Joshie~Ef. I'm a medical student with a burning passion for putting pen to paper and making words come alive. To put it in simpler terms...

"I love to make it rain. I've got an overflowing brain I must drain with little strain and no pain. What I do is simple.

I just make my pen stain a paper plain.

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