I have this problem with popular sayings. We use them so much they turn cliché and become ingrained into our subconscious, so we seldom have any cause to challenge them. Have you ever wondered if 'evil' could have turned out as the word for being good? Yeah, now you get it. Let's roll!

      At some point for everybody, we suddenly feel the good life took a break to show us the other side. Some storms we weather unscathed. Others take their toll and shatter us into pieces.  The real problem is life never takes a pause to commiserate with us. It simply moves on to the next victim. There's a conventional saying for the next move. It goes like 'pick up the pieces and move on'. Yeah, move on. But, why pick up any piece?

     In an attempt to juxtapose, you probably will realize I'm simply another person saying something else like 'leave the pieces', just like someone said 'pick up the pieces'.  Yeah, so true. 

My reservations are simply about getting my head round the idea of picking up vestiges of a life gone wrong before moving on. Okay, so why shouldn't we pick up the pieces before moving on anyway? Here's the part I appeal to your reasoning by answering a question with a question. 
      It goes like, how much time will we spend picking up the pieces of a life gone sour? Unlike the pieces of a broken plate of glass, its not exactly littering your room. Like the pieces of a broken plate of glass, it could actually even hurt you. So why wait?
      How much longer will you linger on the past, in a bid to pick up the pieces of the done deed? Maybe we don't have to. Maybe we should just move on. More suitably, learn from the past and move on. 
     What do I think?
     I think that, when those days come (and they always do), take a pause. Appreciate the past. Conjure the futuristic picture.
     Then spread your wings.
     Fly away.


Hi! My name is Faniyan Joshua Oreoluwa aka Joshie~Ef. I'm a medical student with a burning passion for putting pen to paper and making words come alive. To put it in simpler terms..
"I love to make it rain. I've got an overflowing brain I must drain with little strain and no pain. What I do is simple
I just make my pen stain a paper plain.
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