I was on a walk on a risky road,
To the land of uncertainty, a place I didn't know,
I was a novice ,a naive little girl,
the game was new to me, I was coy.

'Two heads', they say, 'is better than one'
but I thought victory is one in which I alone won,
The wonders of great ties, for the first time I feel,
When that one person said beside me he'd sit.

We started out as strangers, I was "A" and he, "Z"
the innermost thoughts I had, usually he'd voiced
It was as though in me he built a home,
and that home subconsciously became our little Rome.

Now we're stronger, like a true knot,
Tied and knot by the almighty himself,
withstanding the worst of all storms,
and now I think he knows me more than me.

I was naive and he was childish,
We had issues, I feared we'd part,
but in us love had grown,
No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't let go.

Now he's in me and I in him,
two distinct people we were, now we're one,
together we've climbed mountains and penetrated deep fires
And alas! the world hears our heartbeat synchronized as just one.
I am Adeyeba Funmi, a part one student of Obafemi Awolowo University. Writing is life for me and I believe if you follow the flow in your heart, the right words can right the world.
E-mail: olusolaadeyeba@yahoo.com
Whatsapp/call: 08160230502